The plastic handle broke off the glass lid of our crockpot lid.
I decided I'd use the Sugru graciously supplied by Instructables and Sugru for a contest to create a new handle for the lid.

Step 1: Create the Handle Support

The Sugru itself does not have enough structural strength to act as a handle. I used the smallest hanger tape (also known as plumber's tape or plumber's strap) I could find at the hardware store to create the backbone of the handle.

I separated a piece long enough to make a ring the size I wanted the handle to be by using a pair of pliers to bend the strap back and forth till it broke. I flattened out the rough edges.

I used a small bottle of appropriate size to bend the strap into a circle without kinks.
this is great, I fixed my mom's pot ages and ages ago and it's still making great stew :) I love your big ring development
I had to laugh when I saw your instructable. I have a crock pot just like this that the lid knob broke also and had considered making an instructable also. I love your lid knob!

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