Introduction: Using Sugru to Fix a Dishwasher

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A chunk missing from the top spinner of my dishwasher stopped it from spinning; all my mug bottoms were covered in crusty soap. Sugru should be a good material to patch it. 

Step 1: Clean

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First, you'll have to make sure that wherever you intend Sugru to stick is clean.I used a knife to scrape away some of the crusty bits and warm water to wipe up the rest.

Step 2: Insert Sugru

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After everything has dried, fill the void with Sugru. I rolled it into a rope shape to make sure I was really getting it into the spinner. I only needed about 1/3 of a package. There was still plenty left to fix other things.

Step 3: Let It Dry

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Let the Sugru dry and you're done. No more crusty mug bottoms for this guy!


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