Introduction: Using Visuino and Delphi Short Video Tutorial

This is a short video tutorial introducing Visuino and Delphi programming.

Shows how to build a number of Arduino projects, and how to communicate with Arduino from Delphi applications.

The version of CommunicationLab used in the viseo can be downloaded hete:


LghtSpeed (author)2016-12-16

Great Video Boian. In a previous video you made a while back, you gave a link

to your Communications and Instrument Components for Delphi.

For those who don't already have Delphi FireMonkey VCL's for this project.

Thanks Boian

BoianM (author)LghtSpeed2016-12-16

Thank you for posting the link :-)

The installs from the site are a bit old, as it is about the time for the next official release that will come soon. For now I would recommend people to use these installs from my blog:

They are tested well in Delphi 10.1 Berlin, and will be similar to the next official release. They have a lot of new stuff used in the video :-)



LghtSpeed (author)BoianM2016-12-16

Thanks for that link Boian. I guess i am a bit outdated, cya