Picture of Using Zen Toolworks CNC with Laser Engraver
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This Instructable from Zen Toolworks is going to cover how to use your Zen Toolworks CNC machine with a laser engraver kit from Jtech Photonics.

Equipment needed:

  • Zen Toolworks CNC machine. Our complete kits can be found on our WEBSITE
  • Jtech Photonics Laser Kit. We are using this one: LASER-KIT
  • Proper safety Goggles. Can be purchased from Jtech Photonics HERE
  • If making an enclosure (we recommend doing so), the laser protective viewing glass can be found HERE

#1 Importance when working with Lasers is SAFETY. Please review the safety and disclaimer information.

This Istructable is for reference ONLY so use it at your own risk.

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Step 1: Construct an Enclosure for your Machine

Picture of Construct an Enclosure for your Machine

While this step is not required, we highly recommend creating a full enclosure for your Zen Toolworks Machine to provide extra safety when working with Lasers.

The type of enclosure you make is completely up to you, just make sure to use materials that will not allow the light from the laser to pass through. Wood is a great choice for this. We made ours out of 1/8" MDF. Also be sure that the enclosure is tightly sealed so as no light shines through the cracks.

The viewing window is important so you can see what is going on inside. We decided to hinge our window for convenience of taking the work piece in and out, but you could just as easily lift the entire enclosure over the machine and set it aside.

Another addition you may want to add is an E-stop switch under the hinged window. This way if for some reason the door is lifted during machine operation, the entire system would shut down to protect the user. A simple spring loaded, push button, On/Off Switch would work.

Lastly, we cut a hole in the side of the enclosure to insert a vacuum hose. This way we can run the vacuum while operating the laser to pump any smoke/fumes outdoors.

craftclarity9 months ago

Is this an add-on for another tool?

zentoolworks (author)  craftclarity9 months ago

Hi craftclarity. The laser used in this instructable came from Jtech Photonics. It is a universal laser kit designed to work with many cnc machines. We attached it to our Zen Toolworks 7x7 CNC machine. Hope that answers your question. Thanks.