Using a Wii Remote to Control WMP on a PC


Introduction: Using a Wii Remote to Control WMP on a PC

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Have you ever wished you could control your music from the next room?
The Remote, (or controller) sold by Nintendo for there "Wii" gaming machine (or console) is almost perfect, and if you're like me you already have one.

The WiiMote uses Bluetooth to communicate with the system and many laptops are now sold with Bluetooth built in.

The only down side is that most are sold with a class 2 adapter that is only reliable from acros the room. But if you what to be able to use it anywhere in the house you can get a class 1 USB adapter for about $40 (check the parts list for a suitable unit).

Theoreticallyall the data going to and from the WiiMote goes through a usb port (my Bluetooth adapter may be internal but it's still USB)

Step 1: Parts/Software

A short list of items you will need to continue.

PC running almost any version of windows, confirmed working on 2008r2 (same kernel as windows 7)
A Bluetooth adapter, the Linksys USBBT100 is the only class 1 unit I could find.

A copy of GlovePIE You have %100 Green power, right?

Step 2: Bluetooth

To connect the WiiMote to your PC just hold the 1 and 2 buttons (making sure the Wii is off or far away or it will connect to that) and follow the steps bellow.

Step 3: GlovePIE

Okay after you get GlovePIE, extract it to a folder (on the desktop is convent, but if your a clean freak, better put it in your programs folder).
Then make a shortcut to GlovePIE.exe.

Open the program and past this:

//Adjust the wait time to you liking.
if then
  if var.up then
    volumeup = true
    wait 240 ms
    volumeup = false
    var.up = 0
    volumeup = true
    wait 60 ms
    volumeup = false
  var.up = 1

if wiimote.minus then
  if var.down then
    volumedown = true
    wait 240 ms
    volumedown = false
    var.down = 0
    volumedown = true
    wait 60 ms
    volumedown = false
  var.down = 1

PlayPause = WiiMote.A
NextTrack = WiiMote.Right
PrevTrack = WiiMote.Left

The original (and shown below) isn't mine but I couldn't find the source.
I wasn't that happy with it so I made some new stuff, it provides a progressive feel.

Step 4: Usage

GlovePIE is still experimental so this may not work on all systems but it's doesn't harm the PC ot WiiMote in anyway so mite as well give it a try.

Click run and open WMP, Please post if it works or not.

Left and right are to skip, A is Play/Pause Plus and Minus are volume.
Have fun and remember, if you like it rate and vote for it.

Step 5: Extra

If you don't like the stock lighting scheme you can add the code:

var.KITTspeed = 120 ms

if 0 = 0 then
  if var.kitt = 0 then
    wiimote.Leds = 1
  if var.kitt = 1 then
    wiimote.Leds = 3
  if var.kitt = 2 then
    wiimote.Leds = 6
  if var.kitt = 3 then
    wiimote.Leds = 12
  if var.kitt = 4 then
    wiimote.Leds = 8
  if var.kitt = 5 then
    wiimote.Leds = 12
  if var.kitt = 6 then
    wiimote.Leds = 6
  if var.kitt = 7 then
    wiimote.Leds = 3
  wait var.KITTspeed
  var.kitt = (var.kitt + 1) % 8

To make the lights emulate Kitt.



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    Is there a way to do this on a Mac? It recognizes the wii remote on the bluetooth menu and will connect but their is no preferences menu or anything like that

    Do you have to use an updated version of Bluesoleil? I can get my remote to connect no problem, but then when I run the program in Glove, it just sits there. I'm way back in the version of if that helps at all.

    1 reply

    I've never used Bluesoleil, so unfortunatly I don't know.

    Hey it works fine,it even works for vlc player.go to view---add interface----console,it work s fine enjoy.

    I can't believe this actually works! Now I don't have to even touch my mouse to listen to music!

    Did you use class 1 or 2

    You should have a blue tooth icon in your task bar. You should get a similar window after clicking it. If you don't see one your bluetooth dongle may not be installed correctly.

    After a little searching on how to pair it on my system I got it working and its perfect! I guess I have a built in class 1 because I can use this from anywhere in the house! Great instructable man! thanks!

    2 replies

    You're lucky then. I had to order a transceiver because it would only work from about 10ft away. I'm picking up a cheep remote to mod. Should have it by the end of the week.

    I guess so, my bedroom is on the second floor where my laptop is, and I have speakers throughout the house hooked up to it. Usually I have to have my iPod and use Boxee or XBMC and a remote app, but now I can use WMP thanks to this. Much thanks again, keep up the good work.

    Works perfectly!

    You must have missed some of the instructable. You need a class 1 device. With a class 2 transmitter, it is good to about 10ft. The one in your link is class 3 and would only work to about 5ft. The one I linked to is a class 1 and should be good to 50ft+ inside. I don't see the point in a remote that doesn't work.

    Just double cheeked the item you linked to claims class 1 but I call bull. It's a cheep Chinese unit that can be had for $2 with no external antenna.


    Will this work with VLC, iTunes, or other media playing software?

    3 replies

    i wrote a script for Media Player Classic. give some time and i could probably make a simple script for VLC if you want (i dont like apple, so i dont have itunes).

    It works with itunes but only if it's selected. Dunno about VLC.

    Cool! Now that I've spent some time looking at the GlovePIE website, I wonder if it could be worked out to accept input from my BlackBerry via Bluetooth. Hmmm...