Using a Bandsaw Blade in a Scroll Saw





Introduction: Using a Bandsaw Blade in a Scroll Saw

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If you own both a scroll saw and a bandsaw here is an idea to recycle broken bandsaw blades by using them in your scroll saw.
You wont be able to cut tight corners and fine detail with these blades, they'er just too wide. But when you need to cut some rougher shapes in thicker wood these blades will cut much faster than a regular scroll saw blade.

This instructable was originally written in Finnish and Swedish on my site.

Step 1: Cutting

Cut the bandsaw blade to the length of your scroll saw blades. As you can see in the image below the bandsaw blade is too wide to use in a scroll saw.

Step 2: Grinding

As the blade wont fit in your scoll saw we simple grind down the ends where it will attach to your scroll saw. How much to grind depends on the width of your bandsaw blade and the type of your scroll saw.

Step 3: Fitting

Finally try the blade in your scroll saw. If it still wont fit just grind some more.



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    Won't work with my scroll saw has pin type blades.

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    I saw an instructable for how to adapt your scrollsaw so it will take either type blade...

    To use a pinned-blade type scrollsaw, you could try annealing the ends of the bandsaw piece by heating red-hot and allowing it to cool. You should then be able to drill it and knock in a panel pin at each end at the appropriate place. Trim the pin to size with cutters.

    works esp. well w/ narrow blades, like 1/8". I've had a near lifetime supply from one broken 1/8" bandsaw blade. These larger blades w/ larger gullets probably put more strain on your motor, and should be used w/ less force than you'd use on your bandsaw.

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    Good point althought in my case both have pretty much the same power, bandsaw bandsaw 250w and scroll saw 205w.

    Good re-use!

    Maybe you shouldn't use your sheetmetal snips to cut the blade, because the blade is hardened and may damage the snips. You could use your grinder to cut the blade?

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    Just bend the blade... it will snap pretty easy... use pliers.


    Doesnt matter if the sheet metal cutters are damaged or not as long as they still cut my blades. Their the cheapes king and i usually buy already dull ones from flee markets for a few cents.


    I just tossed out an old blade last month too... dang!

    Well... going forward I know what to do! :-)


    well done. i love recycling broken stuff in this way.


    my scroll saw uses pin ends. Any ideas?

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    I thought that you can buy clamp ends for scroll saws that uses pins

    The Scroll Saw I bought from H/F came with a couple "clamp ends" to do them repairs.

    I've had a couple broken Band Saw Blades 1/8" & 5/16" rolled up and have been in My way for a long time just waiting for this simple fix. Gonna' do. Thank You.

    I have an 1/8 in blade that would likely be scroll saw friendly....

    That said, I've wanted, for a couple years (since I first kinked a very nice wood slicer blade on some green wood) to repurpose the blade into a large franken-hacksaw, for cutting large logs without needing to buy a new hand saw. Making the frame would be the obvious problem and likely as costly as buying the saw, but being able to cut the bandsaw blade a few times to fit would give more life.

    Great idea. Thanks for sharing.