Using a Cordless Drill to Operate a Car Jack.





Introduction: Using a Cordless Drill to Operate a Car Jack.

I do work regularly on my car and other vehicles. The raising and lowering of the car is a manual operation and instead of buying a new electric jack I decided to use a small modification to use my Drill on the Jack.

Mind you this is not a new use for a drill on a jack. I just want to apply it to my car jack. Read on for what I did.

Step 1: Socket Onto the Drill.

I didn't want to do any permanent modification to my car jack. I want it oem so on the road I can use it manually as per it's design. At home I want the drill to do the hard work.

I used a 1/2 inch socket driver for my Drill and a 32mm socket to fit over the drive end of the Jack.

Now I can lift the car so faster and with less effort. The same drill with an appropriate socket can be used to get tire nuts out faster (the initial and final torque will be by hand). Give it a try!



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Simply awesome! Thank you!

You have changed my life. I will be forever greatful to you!

Lol. Don't thank me. This is an old idea I just happen to catch onto.

Hey, you introduced me to it, so I can thank you!

great work , i will try it on my jack

thanks for sharing

You will love it once you have the right adapter and socket.

Yeah, doing this type of jack by hand is a total pain, takes ages to lift the car, great improvement