I won't go into how to use an Arduino as an ISP, there are plenty of instructables and other how-to's on the net for that.


What I needed was a simple way to program (and burn the bootloader) onto my ATtiny chips. I have made a breadboard breakout board (soon to be a different instructable) for my ATTiny84/44s as well as one for my ATTiny85/45s. 

These sub-boards are for breadboard prototyping so I don't have to setup the crystal, the power, and the reset every time I want to move to a breadboard.

Step 1:

This is the ATTiny*4 Breadboard breakout. It's the board's traces are a mess I know. I made it with a sharpie marker as I didn't have access to a proper laser printer late at night when I made it. But it works like a charm.

The ICSP header breaks out the chip's MOSI, MISO, SCK, VCC, GND, and RESET pins. That is wired to a normal 6 wire cable. The other end is where the trick comes in.
nice, what are you using the attiny's for?
Not to sure yet. nothing perment so far. I used one to make a flicker light in my kid's pumpkins with a super bright power LED and some random PWM :)

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