Step 5: Answers!

enter you're answers in the same order as the questions, so here's my answers:


again, same thing with the no space/enter at the end, for it will cause iStudy to crash.
On your home screen you have an app called psx4all. What does that do?
It's a playstation emulator...
So you can play ps games with it. Similar to the Nintendo roms?
what is the psx4all?
playstation I'm assuming.
i knew that, what I meant was where do I get it.
But you said what is, however it should be under games in installer.
ooohhh, i could use that for spanish! <sup>now to get an iphone :P</sup><br/>
are there any other reason that iStudy would crash? i made sure that there were no spaces or lines without text, but when i try to open up my flash cards, i get sent back to the springboad.
hmm.... I can't think of any... You should pwn your ipod into a 2.xx firmware, there's a better version of istudy called gFlash+, it's free
you have weird apps
Are you gonna get the iPhone 3G on the 11th of july???
nah, I like my ipod the way it is, and I'm spending all of my money on projects...
I want to <em>so</em> bad.<br/>
Yea, ive been saving for a while and its my birthday on 31st of july so maybe my mum and dad will buy me the phone and ill pay the price-plan thing
yeah can you explain ssh, i'm in middle school
can do, edditing now look at step 6, I'll be updating it really soon.
Cool! You have an iphone/touch? Lucky

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