T-Shirt or other item to paint (prewashed)
Acrylic Paint (this time I used the Artist's Loft Brand, but Liquitex Basics works really well also)
Paint Brush
Contact Paper
Cricut Machine
Cricut Cartridge (for these I used the "Just Because Cards")
Palette (or paper plate to mix colors on)
Cardboard to put between the layers so the paint doesn't bleed

It is super easy to make customized clothes as gifts.  I wanted to make something for my son and his soon to be born little brother.  In one night I made everything.

Step 1: Cut and Place Stencil

Using the cricut machine cut the image you want to use for the stencil.  I used the "Just because Cards" cartridge.  It has one feature for "stickers" that are great as image stencils.  There is also a "stencil" feature that has sayings that go along with the images.  They are perfect for this because they are all one piece and easy to use.

Other cartridges I think make good stencils are Cindy Loo, Damask Decor, Paper Lace, Rock Princess, Preserves, and any one with a "stencil" feature.

Place a piece of contact paper on your cutting board.  It should be as big as you want the stencil to be.  Load it in the machine.  You should know well enough how to use the cricut to cut, but just in case you don't, quick version:
move the blade to the top right corner of the contact paper and keep adjusting the size until it lets you cut it.  You can set the pressure down so it only cuts the top layer of the contact paper, but I don't bother and let it go through both layers.

When the stencil is done place it on the shirt.  Insert the card board between the layers so that when you start painting, the paint doesn't go through to the other side.

Nice shirts, but what's a &quot;Cricut&quot;?<br><br>Some illustrative links, or photos of the machine, would be helpful.
http://www.cricut.com/Default.aspx<br><br>I did an Easter shirt over the weekend
Ah, thanks.

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Bio: I am the mother of 2 boys. I love to make things for them and the rest of my family and friends.
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