Picture of Using the ShopBot as a Plotter
I have been meaning to do this for quite some time, and just the other day I finally used the ShopBot Alpha
at TechShop San Jose to plot a vectorized San Jose Sharks logo that I made using Illustrator.
The process is fairly simple
here's how I did it....

I used:

Adobe Illustrator
VCarve Pro
ShopBot Alpha
Blue painters tape
and some homemade paper =)

Step 1: Vectors, vectors, VECTORS!!!

Picture of Vectors, vectors, VECTORS!!!
First off, you need a vector file in order to plot. Using Illustrator (or CorelDRAW, Inkscape, VCarve itself, AutoCAD.... etc. pick your favorite CAD/vector art program) make a file that you want to plot.
Widget works makes a sharpie plotter pen to go in any coc machine
TSSJ-ryan (author)  theatre_tech_guru2 years ago
thats cool, but I have plans to make my own ;) future Instructable =)

Did you ever make your own? Can you share if so? I have the Widget Works one but its for sharpies that are discontinued.

Scotttland2 years ago
Nice shoes...
Draw me like one of your French... robots.
rcolet2 years ago