Using the TechShop Canon iPF 750 oversized printer to make high res color vinyl signs!

Picture of Using the TechShop Canon iPF 750 oversized printer to make high res color vinyl signs!
I volunteered at silicon valley code camp to create some signage for the event, which has about four thousand people registered.  We decided to go the more expensive route - using vinyl media - because it was more durable.  We will re-use the signs many times in the upcoming years.

Because techshop has menlo park this printer, the vinyl stock, and knowledgeable dream coaches this was easy to do.    The Canon iPF (image prograph) oversized printer is a great machine.  Unlike the smaller models with capstan drives it has a large drum.  Once I got the job set up it was smooth sailing - but there were a few key points (in the setup).

for more information on the printer contact
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Step 1: Project overview

Picture of Project overview
>  The first thing i did was to drive the campus and determine signage requirements.
     It does pay to plan this out - as there are a lot of changes in the process

>  Decided to use 18" x 24" as well as 36" x 36"

>  Used Corel Draw to create the artwork - with a custom size (as above)

>  Exported to pdf

>  Printed

>  Mounted signs to 5mm ply (underlayment was $12/sheet) using rubber cement

> sealed with acrylic spary

Step 2: Corel Tips - techshop

Picture of Corel Tips - techshop
I'm sure that some people would try to do this in a program like word.  It's great that TechShop had the training for this because some of the features made it especially easy.  Make sure to set the papersize and orientation correctly at the outset.

Add small registration lines if you are going to cut or work with the material later.

When working with fonts - think inches and not point size.  Switch to artistic text so you can resize.  I used layers so that the logo and background info that stayed constant wasn't touched as I generated all 12 pdf files. 

Key here is to export to pdf and NOT to try to print from Corel.