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Introduction: Using the Universal Search Box

In the upper right of every Tooling Cloud page is the Universal Search Box.

Step 1: Search Box

You can use the Universal Search Box in several ways:

  1. Enter a six digit numerical number to search tool assemblies by its BlueSwarf Dashboard ID. You can also apply a six digit number anything else you are managing in the Tooling Cloud by using this random number generator.
  2. You can scan the UPC barcode or type in its description to search for an item on Amazon.
  3. You can enter a question to search our knowledgebase by ending your entry with a question mark (?)

Step 2: Searching the Knowledgebase

If you can't find the answer you are seeking, you can ask a question of our network of experts by clicking "Post a Question" on the support page.

Step 3: Enter Your Question

Enter your Question. It will be sent to the relevant experts. The answer will be sent to you by email. Note the question and answer will be added to our knowledgebase without your name.



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