Using transparent silicone glue and conductive threads to make flexible LEDs Circuit

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Step 7: Bending the silicone circuit

Picture of Bending the silicone circuit
. It was interesting to note that the silicone could be bent to almost 360 degrees on either side.
. While bending the silicone circuit, the LEDs inside, continued to stay lit.
. The silicone circuit was hand-washed several times.
. After each washing and drying, it was tested by connecting to the power supply.
. Amazingly, the circuit lit up.
. The sample was further washed two more times and the results were all the same.
. All LEDs lit up opening a wider scope for more experiments.
bkennelly4 years ago
Love this. Trying to come up with ways/places to use it and my mind is spinning. Thanks

The only thing slowing me down is the lack of local availability for iwde ranging electronics components - thank goodness for the internet :-)