Always end up with an aging half lemon in your fridge? If so chop them up and freeze them and you'll never want for ice and a slice in your gin and tonics!

Step 1: Take Your Old Lemon or Lime and Slice the Dried Out

If you end up with an aging half of a lemon or lime in your fridge, I find the best thing to do to make use of them is to slice off the dried out end, then quarter or slice them up. Once in pieces just put them into a freezer bag or tupperware and pop into the freezer.

Then whenever you need ice and a slice in a drink just throw a couple of these in!
Odd freezer you've got there. Drawers? I'm intrigued!
Why odd? I'm British and most people I know have freezers like this. Chest freezers aren't that common here as they may be in the US.
or Canada
When I was a little dude way back, I would put a whole orange into the freezer and take it to school frozen solid. When play time/lunch time came around the orange would be partially frozen and great to eat or at the worst it would still be really cold. Just the thing that a young dude is after when he/she has finished racing around like a cyclone.
great idea!
Hazzah! What a great idea! I love Lemons, but I hate ice, but I love cold drinks! Most excellent.
"I love Lemons, but I hate ice, but I love cold drinks!" - That seems like it could really become a problem.
And you can squeeze the juice into an ice cube tray for year round lemon / limeade :)
so damn simple!!!!! why the hell is this the first im hearing of this, they should do it in bars!! nice job
Nice job! Now I can drink Coke of Nestea with a Lemon-Sicle!
Finally no more wasting an entire lime when making a single gin and tonic! I feel stupid for not thinking of this before.

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