The step by step process for preparing a vinyl stencil and transferring it onto a screen to use for silk screening. I learned how to do this at Techshop.  The instructor was very patient me as a choose a very difficult design to do the first time. I decided to do this instructable on just the vinyl part of the project - as that is the trickiest step if you ask me. The silk screening part was easy.

You will need:
An image 
Access to a vinyl cutter
Craft knife
Sticky paper
Silk screen frame

Step 1: Your Image

Choose an image that you want to place on your shirt. For your first time, choose a simple image - similar than the one I choose if possible.  What makes an image simple? The vinyl bits that you are going to remove and those you are going to leave behind should be thick. For example, the letters on my design were pretty easy to remove, but the picture had too many little spots and lines that were very thin. Even the circle around the image was difficult.

Get the image on to the computer somehow - take a picture of it, scan it etc. This instructable assumes you know how to get that image onto vinyl. If you don't, find someone to do it for you. Remember to reverse the image.  You can see the before and after photos here.

You should now have a piece of vinyl that has your design cut into it and is attached to the backing. It is your vinyl stencil.

<p>I think you did a nice job, and I definitely appreciate knowing where the problems arise and how to fix them. Thank you, and thank your instructor!</p>

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