Using Your Laptop As an Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter (Dec 2009) (Vista/XP)





Introduction: Using Your Laptop As an Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter (Dec 2009) (Vista/XP)

I'm tired of all those other post out there about trying to get your xbox 360 online with your laptop which most tutorials are very complicated or simply don't work or then make your Ethernet adapter incapable of getting internet without undoing the process. I found a better yet simple way and you can still get internet from both Ethernet and Wireless card without undoing this.

NOTE: Does not work with USB EVDO Internet (since they work over dial-up)

Step 1: You Need:

1)A Laptop with both Wireless and Ethernet Adapter
2)An Xbox 360 (obviously)
3)ANY Ethernet Cable, You can even use the one that came with the Xbox.

Step 2: What to Do With All These:

1)Go to Network Connections in the Control Panel
2)Select Both "Wireless Network Connection" and "Local Area Connection" .
3)Right Click and select "Bridge Connections"
4)Connect your ethernet cable on the back of the xbox 360 and on the ethernet adapter con the laptop.

Step 3: Finally!

NOTE: Don't turn on the Xbox 360 if the Network bridge is not connected properly or you'll get an IP error and won't be able to use xboxlive.

Now turn on your Xbox 360 go to Settings and do a Network Test.

It should work if you did all the steps correctly.

Welcome to Xbox Live with your Laptop!!!

                                                                                                                                              by DavilaDarkness



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    31 Discussions

    My laptop will not connect to wireless interfaces now. How do I fix this?

    1 reply

    Somtimes the network devices lock up due to the new network traffic. Try this and it should fix it for ya.

    I have the bridge set up  but I still get a cannot get an ip address. I turned off the xbox and back on with no success. I did a cross over and a regular patch cable.

    1 reply

    I wish I were you so badly, I did the same thing as the instruction says, I tested the connection on my 360 and it said that he ip address doesn't work or what ever, i guess I have to wait another month or 3 till I can get internet.

    wont let me make a bridge connection

    Well i am useing a Windows 7, unless i missed it in the comments, i cannot figure out how to bridge the two networks on a windows 7. Please help

    When I try to bridge connections, the system says: "to create a network bridge, you must select at least two LAN or High Speed internet connections that are not being used by internet connection sharing." 

    Does anyone have a solution?

    2 replies

    Check you network connection and look under the one of you network connection icon it will show a hand. Right click on that icon and click on Advance Tab. So I will look like this. Start>Connect to>Wireless Network Connection. That's it and bridge it and it will work perfectly. If you run xp ^^ there is your answer. If you run any other type of computer besides xp contact me.

    Thanks mate! I run Windows 7, but thank for your help anyway. I still managed to bridge connections. Stilll, thanks for offering your help!

    dude i hope this works and doesnt screw up my laptop

    oh and almost forgot, for some reason it says not connected but it is, i laughed at this as i thought thats it didn't work so if this has happened to you, don't worry about it, it is connected it's a windows identify problem

    I didn't even follow step three and it still works, thanks sooo much :D

    im using windows 7.
    i followed you instructions and it works great. except it disconnects or it get interrupted during online game. and the game im playing online freezes. im still testing and observing. it is not something that happens all the time. so dont be scared.

    instructions  are great if you follow them it should work good.
    im using windows 7 and it works fine.

    Thank You!!

    Keeps telling me I have a problem with my connection, even though I followed your  instructions VERY CAREFULLY.

     why doess my xbox want to update everytime i join xbox live.
    and i takes so long to update/plz reply

     I DONT HAVE A a Place to PLUG in My Ethernet CABLE to my MAC AiR can i still DO THIS!!?

    i highlight the two connection and right click, but bridge connections is not highlighted so i can not click it. do you know how to fix this

    1 reply

    Highlight both connections like you did but right click will just show shadowed options. You have to go to the top and click on I think tools and it will show Bridge connections. I had the same issue.