Step 2: Plugging in and setting up the microphones

Picture of Plugging in and setting up the microphones
Instructable Singstar Audacity - Opening USB peripheral setup.png
Instructable Singstar Audacity - Advanced statistics configuration.png
Let's get started with the serious business :

First, plug in the USB adapter into whatever USB port you have available ;
Second, plug in the microphones into the adapter. Make sure they're in all the way - mine sometimes require some slight effort;

That was easy ! Windows should have installed the necessary drivers for the USB adapter after you plugged it in, but chances are that your computer, for now, only acknowledges the presence of one of the two microphones - most probably the blue one. The reason why ? The USB adapter is treated by Windows as just one microphone - but a Mono one. Let's sort that out.

[Note : All screenshots have been taken on a machine running the Windows 7 number 7100 Beta - but things shouldn't be ''too'' different under Vista]

We're going to click on the speakers icon at the bottom right part of your screen, and select the menu for recording peripherals.

Once the window listing all the recording peripherals present on the computer show up, you should see somewhere in the list something along the lines of "Microphone : 2-USBMIC Serial#XXXXXXXXX" : that would be the USB adapter for your microphones. Double-click that, and...

Once the Properties window for your USB adapter open, go to Advanced statistics and pick a default format that features 2 channels. As you can see, I decided not to be shy and picked the best it could offer : 2 channels, 16 bits, 48000 Hz. Probably an overkill !

I'd like to take a second to thank the people who put up a tutorial for that same purpose in the French Ultrastar forums - it really helped me a lot !

If everything went fine, Windows should now be able to understand what to do with these two microphones. Let's fire up Audacity and see if it's the case !