Using your Singstar microphones on a PC (and record in Audacity)

Step 3: Setting up Audacity and recording

Picture of Setting up Audacity and recording
Instructable Singstar Audacity - Creating new Stereo track.png
Instructable Singstar Audacity - Created new Stereo track.png
Instructable Singstar Audacity - Stereo track with sound.png
It's time for us to make use of the program you installed earlier, Audacity. Once it's started, open the Edit >> Preferences menu and set it up as can be seen in the first image, by choosing (Microphone 2 - USBMIC Serial #) from the peripherals list, and 2 (Stereo) from the Channels list.

As an audio editing program, it's able to manage several audio tracks, Stereo or Mono, much in the same way that, say, Photoshop manages layers in an image. Which means, of course, that you need a track to be able to put sound on it !

In our case, since we're going to use what Windows sees as a Stereo microphone, we're going to add a new track that can deal with. Click the Project >> New Stereo track option, and the new track will show up in the main window, ready to record. All that is left for you to do is press Record - and if everything went fine, your Singstar microphones are now both active and recording !
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Can you link please an audiotest on youtube???