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One of my friends was absolutely amazed when I told her that her phone could be used as a quite decent MP3 player. She noted that it would be one less thing she’d have to carry in her purse.

You can do this with smartphones (iphone, Android, Blackberry, etc.) and many other phones. It’s easiest if the phone has a standard 3.5 mm. mini jack, but can be used with other phones with the appropriate adapter.

Step 1: Ways to Hook It Up in Your Car

If your phone has a 3.5 mm. jack there are several ways to listen to music in your car, depending on your car’s sound system.

The best scenario is a newer car which have a jack on the dashboard for audio input. Just use a simple 3.5 mm male to male cable to plug your phone into your car’s audio system.

In a couple of rare cases car radios have hidden audio input jacks on the back of the radio. You’ll need to disassemble your dashboard to get access to the radio and figure out a way to string a cable from the back of the radio to a place you can easily reach.

An older car with a cassette radio is the next best choice. Just get an adapter which insets into the cassette’s slot with a cable with a 3.5 mm. plug. Car cassette adapters were originally intended for use with a portable CD player for cars without built-in CD players but are marketed now for MP3 players.

The final choice is a small FM radio transmitter which sends a signal through your car’s radio. This is often the only choice for a car radio which doesn’t have any other inputs.

There are more creative solutions which involve disassembling the car radio and connecting wires directly into the sound circuits or a circuit which emulates an external CD disk changer, but they’re beyond the scope of this tutorial.
<p>After a few years of dragging and dropping files in Windows Explorer between a CD in the computer's disc drive or a folder on the hard drive to memory in an MP3 player that appeared as just another drive I came to have an iPhone. The only files I can view on the iPhone are photos. Everything else has to go through iTunes, and iTunes was maddening, especially version 11, until I learned to right click on just about everything in it. Suddenly menus appeared. Still, there is very little help available for iTunes 11. I did just do an <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Adding-an-Audiobook-to-an-iPhone/" rel="nofollow">Instructable</a> on how I was able to load audiobook files through iTunes 11. Like your friend, it is nice to have everything on one device. </p>

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