Step 2: Non Smartphones

If you have a non-smartphone which has built-in MP3 playback capabilities you will generally be limited to the software built into the phone. Depending on the phone and how much effort the manufacturer decided into putting into software development for the non-phone capabilities it may be pretty decent software or just a plain music player like a cheap stand-alone MP3 player.

I especially enjoyed my Nokia 5230. It had an excellent MP3 player and I loaded the memory card with almost 24 hours of music covering dozens of different albums – music I transferred from CDs and cassettes, music I downloaded, and even some music I created myself. It was nice to have music on the go – in the car, while walking down the street, and even inside my house.

For the car I used a cassette adapter. When on the go I used the same stereo headset I used with the phone to talk. Inside my house I have portable stereos with line input jacks in several rooms. Simple adapter cables with 3.5 mm plugs permitted me to plug into any of these stereos. As a bonus when the phone was plugged into the stereo it was an excellent quality speakerphone with extremely high quality echo cancellation. I wish my current phone had as decent sound quality.
<p>After a few years of dragging and dropping files in Windows Explorer between a CD in the computer's disc drive or a folder on the hard drive to memory in an MP3 player that appeared as just another drive I came to have an iPhone. The only files I can view on the iPhone are photos. Everything else has to go through iTunes, and iTunes was maddening, especially version 11, until I learned to right click on just about everything in it. Suddenly menus appeared. Still, there is very little help available for iTunes 11. I did just do an <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Adding-an-Audiobook-to-an-iPhone/" rel="nofollow">Instructable</a> on how I was able to load audiobook files through iTunes 11. Like your friend, it is nice to have everything on one device. </p>

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