Picture of Utility Belt for Arts and Crafts Materials
This belt is for carrying a lot of materials around with you.
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Step 1: Step 1: Gather materials

1) Belt
2) Canvas or any sturdy fabric
3) Sewing machine or you can sew by hand with a needle and thread
4) Ruler, pencil, pins
5) Stick on velcro (strips)
6) Iron-on ink jet T-shirt transfer paper
7) And an iron

The first thing that should be done is get the materials. I got the belt for this project at the local dollar store but, any old or bought belt will do. The canvas fabric can be bought at a material store, usually it's about $2 to $4 a yard. Stick on velcro can be bought at a hardware store. I bought my iron-on transfer paper at Staples.

Step 2: Step 2: Measure then cut fabric

Picture of Step 2: Measure then cut fabric
Measure and mark the fabric so the right about will be cut. Cut out of the fabric the shapes that will make the pockets and the loops for the belt to go threw. Follow the pattern or make the pockets to better fit what the belt is intended for.
Tip: Make sure to cut out the shapes bigger that the size wanted for the finished pockets.

Warlrosity5 years ago
Dont aged care nurses have these?
I want to make a smaller one for school
Isn't that the YMCA symbol?
xmsmoonx (author)  Quiksilver26936 years ago
yes that is, i actually made a set of two belts for my old elementary school, for their after school program ran by the YMCA.
Thats neat.
Awesome idea for those of us who don't have alot of room to spread out our crafting needs lol -
xmsmoonx (author)  aliceownsj006 years ago