For people with glasses, a glasses' case is handy to have around.  This is a simple gadget made using duct tape, an X-acto blade, and a Energizer tactical flashlight.  It comes in handy of you have your glasses` case and you want a light or a blade.  It also maximizes the space taken up by the glasses' case.  It is so handy I had to use it to find the photos in this Instructable.  For those like me who mess around with duct tape, this is the beginners gizmo to make.  Many of you are probably saying that this gadget is crude. Well, crude works.

Step 1: Materials

All this gadget needs is duct tape, a regular retractable X-Acto blade, an Energizer small tactical flashlight, and a regular ovalish glasses' case.
Anyone who has made this please comment.

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