Picture of Utility Paracord Keychain/Braclet
I had found that when transporting my kayaks and towing objects with my kayak I always had a lack of usable line or links to secure my kayak to objects. I thought there are plenty of paracord keychains and braclets, what if I made a dual design that could be used as a utility and in a survival situation. It also needs to have a decent amount of cord, in a small size keychain/bracelet and be easy to retie after it was in use, so I created this...

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
1. Lighter/matches 2. Scissors (I find stainless steel ones like those pictures work great when citing paracord) 3. Paracord about 10 feet 4. 2 Quick links (1/8" were the smallest I could find, came in a pack of 3 for $3 from a home improvement store, hold 220 lbs) you could use other sized links as well. 5. Ruler 6. Keys (if you want primarily for keychain)
jeffwey12 years ago
That's cool