Picture of Uzbeki Spy Hat (or Wizard Hat)
Pashmina Suleyman (below, in the only clear photo of her known to exist) and her partner Kutchima (AKA Koochie Mama), the famed Uzbeki spies, wear these to blend in with the San Francisco natives during intelligence-gathering missions. They are often mistaken for wizards, but that is silly because wizards aren't real.

You COULD, of course, wear a hat of this style if you were dressing up in a wizard COSTUME. That would be silly too, but in a good way.
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Step 2: Hat base

Picture of Hat base
Cut a right triangle from the interfacing, by folding one corner to meet the opposite side, and cutting along the fold. Fold the resulting triangle in half and stitch from the point downwards to form a cone. Put the cone on your head. It should come down somewhere between forehead and nose level; trim it so it doesn't come down much below where it sits on your head, and you can see properly.

Lay the cone on your fabric, with the seam next to one edge, and cut around the bottom leaving about an inch of seam allowance. Roll the interfacing cone over towards the adjacent side of the fabric to cut the other half. Stitch a cone of this as well.

Step 3: Hat base, cont'd

Trim the tips, and turn the cones inside out. Fit the interfacing cone inside the fabric cone and stitch them together near the base of the interfacing. See pictures!
lathmos6 years ago
I put on my robe and wizard hat:p
Wizards? Not real? ='(

*burns my ash wood staff*
*throws out my wizard robes*
*yells at a poster*
*kills self*
rachel (author)  Aburame Shino6 years ago
Aw jeez, *another* Gandalf-belief-loss paraphernalia-destruction/suicide. That's the third one this week, someone really ought to do something...
jaysbob7 years ago
is there actually any cultural significance to the hat? or just being silly?
rachel (author)  jaysbob7 years ago
No, no, we are just being silly. The Uzbeki bit is random, we just wanted somewhere Far Away to pretend to be from, for a fancy-dress party we attended.
jaysbob rachel7 years ago
ah. pretty much figured lol. nice instructable though!
seanhexed7 years ago
Thoroughly ridiculous! I approve!
+1 That is silly and pointless I LOVE IT
rachel (author)  Ward_Nox7 years ago
pointless? pointless? do you not see the point, right there on top of the hat?
She's got a poi... I mean, she's got you there.
Haha, cool! Would go great with KaptainScarlet's (something like that, I think that is how you spell his account name) magical wand thing. Great job Rachel!
rachel (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
schimmi7 years ago
ummmmmm no