This is my entry for The Grand Knexpert Tournament R2. I hope that I make it through and good luck to all of the other contestants.
it is called a crankshaft, not a drive shaft.
Never thought of using a drill to power stuff before... could work for weaponry. Great build, I reckon you might just win this thing. You will probably get the top score in this round too...
one person made a fully auto airsoft bb shooter that worked off a crank a drill would make that gun go crazy
it would work very well for weaponry in fact. its exactly what you need for a powerful, fully automatic gun with a high rate of fire. i'd actually love to see one properly built ;)
I might give it a go, I'm bored at the moment.
so... how did it go?
I'm still working on converting my PDW/CQB weapon into an assault rifle. Here's the base design:
I see Knexsayer handle.
I know, but it's so COMFY!
Indeed, it is comfy. Have you built the Knexsayer?
Yep, don't have it anymore though, destroyed it for a shell-ejecting sniper. Still in progress.
Nice. Is it your own design, or is it the one Bakenbitz has on KI?
My own take on the theme. No copying.
Ah, I see. Tell me how it goes, it seems really interesting :P
My idea was for a bolt which pulled back the pin and the chamber cover, releasing the previous shell and allowing a new one to load, then pushing the bolt forward would re-cover the ejection port. It's very buggy, I will have to work hard on this one :/
That's a pretty cool idea. The way the system goes, it will be single shot, yes?
Yeah I've thought about using a drill for weaponry but it would be impractical because of how big a normal drill is and you would need to have it be a cordless drill to move around, making recharging batteries necessary too. I hope I win it, but like I said I have some tough competition.
okay guy ive seen a lot of movies of u but i think this is the best if u want to see my video look at youtube: knex buick and then you get my engine plzzzzzzzzzz post this one because its cool and sturdy
try and put a gearbox on it that wouth be cool
thats cool it is a push rod right
I love it!
cool. try putting the valves (gas intake and exahst from an to the cylenders) and maybe even a carborator (assuming it doesnt have gas injection).
You should post this definitely. I saw your helmet it is also really cool i would love to build them, nice job btw on both of them.
i have seen this v8 engine before on youtube but that onother thing has a onother body
Really? I haven't seen anything like this.
<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPIIubbyjYQ&eurl=http://www.instructables.com/id/V_8_Engine/?comments=all&feature=player_embedded">v8 engine</a>here is the instructable of it<br/>
Whoa, I never noticed that before.
don't care about that this is a wonderfull entry and i think you win the tgkt
Thanks =D<br/>
I built that engine yesterday and built a truck around it. It works quite nicely thanks for the link.
no thanks to me thank the guy that has make the engine
Nice! again, my money is on you.
I think Knex are cool. And this is cool but I agree with lebowski I would like to see how to make this.
Thats class man! Seriously good building going on here... No doubt a great entry. Good luck! Posting...?
Thanks, good luck to you too. I might be posting, I'll have to see if I have enough pieces left after I'm done making the master chief replica suit. (go ahead, laugh lol)
Sweet as honey, dude! Good luck! This is a great entry! :D BTW, 5 stars!
You're welcome! Who builds cool things, gets good compliments! :D
Wow that is amazing good luck I hope the best for you to win. P.S. have you had pieces melt i built a similar engine and due to friction my engine started to melt that was probably because i used a super motor and was at 4200 RPM :)
I never ran it for long periods of time so I never had problems with pieces melting.
Lol I ran it for less than a minute btw are you going to post this i have a dragster that i made that would be perfect for this.
Amazing. 5 stars. I didn't have time to enter for the first tournament, but there's no chance I could have gotten past you anyway.
I don't know about that, you make some pretty awesome stuff but thanks anyway.
Finally, a project that realizes the actual potential of K'Nex! I am in awe/shock/amazement/stupor/wow!<br/><br/>+5!<br/><sub><sup><sub><sup><sub>and that's the first +5 I've given to a K'Nex Slideshow</sub></sup></sub></sup></sub><br/>
Awesome! 5* but Can you please post instructions here or on KI
Let's see an Instructable! It looks like you have all of the pictures. Nice work!

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