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Introduction: V for Valentine Baby Blanket

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This is the latest baby blanket, knitted with Valentine's day in mind. The pattern is the most complicated I ever attempted and it almost drove me mad! However, the finished article is lovely and has a series of the letter "V" for Valentine all over it. It was knitted in Lion Brand Pound of Love http://cache.lionbrand.com//yarns/pound.htm in the beautiful Lavender shade on number 10 circular needles (the pattern says size 6 - but that's too small for me!) Lavender is especially nice to use when you don't know if the baby will be a boy or a girl! As the pattern is more complicated and I wanted a larger blanket I actually used an extra "half pound of Love!". The left over yarn I used in a mix and match blanket with other left overs of the same yarn in different colours. The pattern was taken from an American School of Needlewook pattern book called The Ultimate Book of Baby Afghans number 1255 and the pattern is called "Baby Sea Shells". This is a nice booklet as it has patterns for both knitting and crochetting! I knitted this blanket in blue about five years ago for an expected baby boy - and vowed never to knit it again...... If you want a quick and easy blanket - choose another pattern!



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    Beautiful blanket. I would like the pattern as I enjoy trying new patterns.

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    Sorry for the delay, I had to search through my great stack of patterns to find it. It's called Baby sea shells and comes from and Amrican School of Needlework booklet called the Ultimate Book of Baby Afgans #1255. If you e-mail me I can tell you more about it. As I said it drove me mad - but succeeded in the end - I even knitted it twice!

    That's gorgeous!
    Thanks for the warning, though- I'll just enjoy your work. ;)

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    But if you try it, it would be even cool to enjoy. ;-)