Picture of V8 Engine Table
I made this table quite a few years ago, and have since sold it so I cant take any more photos, so I appologise for the lack of detailed photos.

By the end it was a heavy but strong table, costing me about £100 to make.

Please be aware that once you do this to an engine, there is generally no way it is going back in a car!

Please don't forget to vote for me in the furniture challenge! Thanks.

Date Made: April 2005
Approx Cost: £100
Approx Time: done over 2 weekends (1 weekend day to strip engine and send to blasters, wait for media blaster during week, 1 weekend day to put together, wait for glass during following week - obviously if you prepare, then it could be done in a day or two)
Difficulty: Medium

** Additional Note **

People have asked how heavy it is. If you take off the glass it can be picked up by one person, although it is heavy and akward. Bear in mind that mine was an aluminum block though!

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Step 1: Acquire Engine

Picture of Acquire Engine
I watched ebay for a while until I found an old rover V8 engine cheap. I paid £10 for this one.

Somehow you need to get it home safely! You will likely need an engine hoist as they are heavy! Also line your van/car as you will probably get oil everywhere even if you do drain it first!

**Additional Note**

For those looking for engines, try to het hold of a damaged or incomplete engine.

2 reasons:
a) it will be cheaper
b) some models may be rare and it will annoy people who need the parts for their car if you use a working engine for a table!!

You can try searching eBay with the following syntax

"V8 (engine, block) (damaged, broken, spares, repair, faulty, cracked, split, incomplete, non runner)"

Take out the quotation marks but leave the other symbols. The bracketed words separated by a comma basically means "or" so it will find items with any of those words. Add in any other words you can think of.

I watched eBay for quite a while until I got one local and cheap.
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BT224 days ago

Can you give the dimensions of the glass and the high of the table please?

Mr_o_uk (author)  BT223 days ago
Hi, I'm afraid I sold it so can no longer measure it. I gave the glass receipt/ info to the person I sold it to incase they broke it and needed to replace it.

Every engine will be different so I suggest that you build the base first, and then visit a glass specialist with the base dimensions and get their advice.
B3N4205 months ago
Can anyone tell me the EXACT model of this engine? Would be very much appreciated!!
It looks like a 3.5 range rover engine going by the carbs. Though it could easily be from an SD1 or a LWB stage one land rover. Those stromberg carbs were on loads of engines, SU before that and then onto a plethora of EFI setups.
Any of the v8 rover engines look pretty much the same. Once all the ancillaries are stripped, the basic architecture will be identical to the untrained eye. So a tvr 5 liter will look much the same as a 3.5 Rover p5b engine. Google the rover engine to see what it went into, such as Morgan, MG, Sherpa vans and pretty much anything that needed a bit of grunt. The serial number will tell you exactly what it came from, but like I said, it makes little difference. A rover v8 is a rover v8 is a rover v8. Hope this helps.
rmascarenhas25 months ago
no offence dude, bot what an utter waste of an engine!:@:O:-#
Not if it's A junk engine! Cracked block,bore destroyed etc. In fact it would be A way to recycle A shot block.
Mr_o_uk (author)  rmascarenhas25 months ago
Yeah, I understand why some people think that, hence my comments in step 1 about finding a broken engine. What else are you going to do with a broken block apart from weight it in?
WolfDesign5 months ago

Brilliant work. Can't wait to make one of my own !!

sbuscemi7 months ago

i had the guys in greensboro fix mine and the did phenomenal job!! visit Land Rover Greensboro website

c1bers1ren9 months ago
wow i have to make one now it looks so cool
Mr_o_uk (author)  c1bers1ren8 months ago
Post a pic if you do...
harposrepair9 months ago

For a man cave I think bigger would be better. Try a Detroit 8-71V! You could use the pistons as ashtrays since they have recessed tops. Although it would be a lot heavier and more expensive, but it would be REALLY AWSOME! Something I've wanted to build is a wood burning heater out of a small block Chevy V8. I have all the plans in my head, but don't have the time or space to try it yet.

Mr_o_uk (author)  harposrepair9 months ago

I went with WW2 plane parts for my ash tray...

Dexterko11 months ago

Awesome project, I don't really like the idea of the pistons being out of the cylinders...If the piston rods would be extended, the piston heads would be sticking out enough so the glass would clear the top of the block...and then the upper corners of the piston heads could be grind (I'm typing grinded but auto correct is underlining it red, don't know why) just enough to be a flat surface for the glass, and by doing that the pistons stay parallel to the cylinders, and the form of an engine is kept... :D

So the outer 4 pistons are raised up, and the 4 in the middle can be lower in cylinders or taken out completely so there is space for the wine bottles (which is an awesome idea btw).

That's how I would make it... :)

And also some discrete LED ambient lighting could add to it's greatness...

Mr_o_uk (author)  Dexterko10 months ago

Sounds good, if you build it your way then post some photos and let us know how it goes!

sbuscemi1 year ago :D Good work, sir. Good work  if found nice shop are Specialties: when it come to Land Rover / Range Rover service Greensboro, NC 

jccisneros1 year ago
hi .what did you do to keep the pistion head from swiveling ie..weld, braze ?
Mr_o_uk (author)  jccisneros1 year ago
I didn't fix them. The weight and 'flat plane' of the glass kept them in place and stopped them rotating. When you took the glass off they could rotate. You could always put a spot weld on the end of each to hold it in place, but I didn't see the need.
nice now this will look great for a table in my room since i love muscle cars and other cars this will do thxs
Dude... NICE!!
Mihsin2 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
Mr_o_uk (author)  Mihsin2 years ago
I had always envisaged a bit of grinding, and hasn't thought about allen bolts. But I think they would look much cleaner. Nice idea.
LiftAndLove2 years ago
Awesome job! I voted btw :)
Mr_o_uk (author)  LiftAndLove2 years ago
Thanks. Much appreciated.
jkendall12 years ago
You just gave me an awesome idea as to what to do with an I-4 Chrysler Engine that has been sitting in my garage for quite some time. I do have a "hot tank" so it should prove to be a nice weekend project with some friends. Thanks mate!
Mr_o_uk (author)  jkendall12 years ago
I'd like to see some pictures when you do!
horphmyre2 years ago
Do you have any idea what it weighed?
Mr_o_uk (author)  horphmyre2 years ago
I couldn't quote you figures, but once the engine is stripped down, one person can pick it up if you separate the glass. (Bear in mind that mine is an aluminium block).

Have a look at this... :D Good work, sir. Good work.
londobali2 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
Mr_o_uk (author)  londobali2 years ago
I couldn't quote you figures, but once the engine is stripped down, one person can pick it up if you separate the glass. (Bear in mind that mine is an aluminium block).

Have a look at this...
Ahhh.. so it's manageable.. :)

Old metal parts are expensive around here, they go by the kg..
Scrap metal could easily hit 1us$/kg, twice or more if the parts could still be reused (and they reuse almost everything here!!)...
so that's about 200$ (or more) for a block like yours.. :(

But i'll keep an eye out for it.. Thanks for the idea!
onemoroni12 years ago
Awesome idea and build.
rwolkens2 years ago
This reminds me of the one they have on Top Gear U.K. I think theirs is actually a Rover V8 as well, now that I think about it. I've been wanting to do one of these ever since I first seen it on the show on B.B.C. America. Thanx!
Mr_o_uk (author)  rwolkens2 years ago
The original was a Porsche engine...

But I think they use a jaguar v12 now. (I haven't seen top gear in a few years, so I may well be wrong)
Right. I know it's not a Porsche engine now, because it's a "V" configuration, but it might have been at one point it time. I could have sworn it's a V8 now, but you may be right, and it's a V12 Jag lump.

Ok, so I just googled it, and you are correct, it is a V12 Jag block.
RoeyLeon2 years ago
Amazing work !
looks very good !

My father has a garage , maybe i`ll ask him to arrange some old motor and i`ll do this project to

thanks for the Idea !

Mr_o_uk (author)  RoeyLeon2 years ago
I used a v engine as I thought it would be the most stable and look the coolest, but I guess you could do it with a flat 4 and bend the con-rods. Can't see how you'd do it with an in-line unless you didn't use the pistons and found some other way to fix the glass.

I like aeroplane engines, especially radial ones; I just like the look, so a table made from one of them would be cool.
either way . what you did came out amazing , great clean professional job

Keep the good hard work
BUTCHER23012 years ago
By any chance do you have also a sofa from a car seat like the one in Top Gear?
Amazing job with the engine!
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