A different type of Valentine for the one you love...
A ceramic night light.
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Step 1:

Picture of

Step 2: Supplies

Picture of supplies
rolling on
4X16 template
Large yogurt container
clay cutting tool
clay sponge
nightlight insert
bulb small wood discs 
Starbucks straw access to a kiln

*****If you dont have access to a kiln and ceramic supplies this project can be done using air dry clay and acrylic paints.

Step 3: Supplies

Picture of supplies
I purchased my night light insert from National Art Craft , you can find them on line. I also use these little wooden discs to lift the base of the nightlight  so the cord has room.

Step 4: Making the base of the Night-Light

Picture of Making the base of the Night-Light
Roll the clay large enough to fit your 4X16" template

Step 5:

Picture of
cut clay

Step 6: Starbucks straw

Picture of Starbucks straw
I use the big fat starbucks straw to make several holes in my clay to eventually let the light escape. 

Step 7:

Picture of

Step 8: Cylinder

Picture of cylinder
carefully roll the clay slab into a cylinder

Step 9:

Picture of
fold in approx. 2" when making cylinder

Step 10: Bottom

Picture of bottom
roll clay large enough to fit the cylinder then cut away excess clay leaving about 1/2 inch extra

Step 11: Attach base

Picture of attach base
remove extra clay. then reach inside base with one hand and carefully put pressure along the bottom edge of the piece while pushing the clay on the outside to meet the 
cylinder. It is important to have your hand inside. if not you will crush your pot.

Step 12:

Picture of

Step 13: Glue stick

Picture of glue stick
Once the bottom is on grab a 
glue stick (or anything that you can punch out a hole in the bottom, about the size of a quarter)... to eventually use to insert the night light fixture.

Step 14: Top

Picture of top
roll your clay large enough to fit the top of the large Yogurt container. cut around the top

Step 15: Let dry

Picture of let dry
Place the night light base a lid on a board to dry

Step 16: Clean the edges

Picture of clean the edges
When the clay begins to harden or get leathery, use a wet sponge to clean up and smooth the edges of the base and lid.

Step 17: Figurine on lid

Picture of Figurine on lid
Begin to create your decoration for the top of the nightlight. I wanted to make a whimsical figure so I started by hand building the bottom of the body.

Step 18:

Picture of
now my little character is standing
Very nice!