Introduction: SWEET HEART PANCAKES (now With More Puns!)

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Maybe a little late for valentine's day breakfast, here is my instructable for special heart-shaped pancakes. this is also my submission to the "Sweet Treats Contest," so please be sure to rate, comment, vote, etc.

This is a very simple process, so i will try to keep this short and sweet.


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for this you will need your standard pancake making equipment and materials, whatever they may be. i am using a pyrex measuring bowl, a whisk (my dad always used a fork), and pancake mix. if you will be going for the optional step you will also need a red food coloring and another small bowl.

Mix the batter so that it's runny and kind of thin, which is how i typically make it anyway. this will help you to have better control when you are pouring. make sure there are no clumps or chunks in the batter, because this will definitely hinder your ability to pour smoothly and artisticly.



this step is optional, and if you go through with it you will have a nice pink heart in the center of your pancake. if you don't do this your heart will still be visible as a darker color than the rest of the pancake.

pour off some of the regular batter into a smaller bowl or container. add a couple drops of red food coloring, and mix it till its a nice "heart colored" pink.

Step 3: POUR a HEART

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now, if you have pink batter, this is where you use it. if not, this will still work, but your heart will not be pink, and instead will just be a darker color than the rest of the pancake. pour the outline of a heart in your pan and wait a few seconds for the batter to cook. you want it to be very solidified or else it will get smeared around when you pour the rest of your batter. if you're making big pancakes you could pour the initials of your special person, but i will just be sticking with the simple heart.


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Once the heart shape (or whatever shape you poured) is cooked you can make a pancake like you normally would. just pour the batter all around and over the heart, or just make the whole pancake a heart. once all the little bubbles around the edge of the pancake have popped, it is ready to flip. when you flip it you will see that your shape is now prominently displayed on the pancake.



Now go ahead and serve them up hot to whoever is special to you. these are for my girlfriend of two years, but you can give them to your dog or mother or whoever you please. and by all means, use your imagination (if you have one) to come up with other ideas for your pancakes. if you dont have an imagination, use somebody elses. mine is always available for a small fee.

please don't forget to vote, rate, comment, etc. as this is my first entry to the "Sweet Treats" contest, and i would enjoy a date with Noah as much as the next guy.


susanchen2011 (author)2012-08-06

The process is simple,but very delicious.

ewright607 (author)2010-06-23

You can also put the batter into something like an old, washed out ketchup bottle to be able to be more exact with pouring the heart.

HAL 9000 (author)ewright6072012-04-07

That's a great idea! I have a clear plastic bottle with a fine point that we use for cooking oil, one of those would be perfect. They're with the kitchen gadgets at the grocery store.

exabopper (author)2009-12-16

It's....  TUBBY TOAST!

Quixii (author)2009-05-07

Cute idea! Reminds of me of one of the first Instructables I ever read - one about putting things like rocket ships and initials for his son on the pancakes. Some how, I never thought of making the design a different colour, though. I'll keep this in mind for mother's day this weekend! -

Kaiven (author)2009-04-26

That is sweet!

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