PREREQUISITES: you must be single

Step 1:

Be scrolling on instructables, and see that there is a Valentines Day challenge.

Step 2:

Acqire ice cream, your favorite kind.

Step 3:

Get a bowl of ice cream.

Step 4:

Eat the ice cream and feel good about it, because you are a cool walnut.

Step 5:

Congratulations! You did it! Have a nice week
<p>You made me laugh</p>
<p>This was cute. Thanks for the laugh</p>
Fatal error:<br>A startup log can be found below<br><br>Initializing single.exe-success<br>Initializing ice cream.exe- fail.<br>Initializing go to the store and buy ice cream.exe<br><br>Fatal error: insufficient funds.<br><br>Recompiling.....<br><br>Press any key to continue.

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