Step 12: The Stand.

Picture of The Stand.
This is a pic of the stand as made for my first VAWT project, this is being reused but required some modifications to make it suitable for the new turbine.

The stand for my VAWT was made from lengths of old lorry chassis that was in the scrap heap. I was working with what was at hand so i will not give dimensions other than its about 1mtr tall and the base is centered around the axis or the bearings.

The upright beam is 3" x 1"  x 6mm channel iron again from scrap.

The cups for holding the bearings are just cuttings of pipe that the bearing where a nice fit for and are welded to the frame.

The stand cost approx £35 to build 2 years ago, this was due to the cost of bearings and a 1mtr length of 25mm rolled steel bar at a time that steel prices where very high.

There is a taper roller bearing mounted in the top cup and a standard roller bearing in the bottom.

The frame was buffed free of flaking rust using a flap disk in an angle grinder and painted with 2 coats of a rust killing primer and then 2 coats of agricultural oxide.

It may not be pretty but it does the job.