Step 13: The previous project. Looks nice but a epic FAIL sort off.

Picture of The previous project. Looks nice but a epic FAIL sort off.
This picture shows the old Squirrel cage type turbine I built a year or so ago from Dan Rojas idea on www.greenpowerscience.com.  this link 

I posted this pic to show the 25mm shaft in place.

It worked but is not very efficient.  just to much drag and was also a bit wonky due to me rushing the job and not having the knowledge or experience of working with wood.

It made a good conversation piece and a nice ornament and that's about all. I had a dynohub attached but it was only producing a few volts 3-4 to be exact.  But this proved that it was indeed possible to make my own power.

I learned that the tolerances needed with chain drives where more than I was capable of back then and that chain drives don't like being mounted on a horizontal plane.

I learned to take my time and do things right rather than rushing and botching up things just to be making progress.

[UPDATE April 2012] Just checked Dans site again, still no update on any of his wind turbines, Dan talk the talk OK but fails walk the walk and to take  projects to completion, he gets you interested and then just leaves ya hanging none the wiser how the project turns out. but then when you see his wife you can understand why he has trouble focusing for anything to long. ;-)

But seriously Dan I have waited for over 2 years now for you reveal the secret how you where going to control the air intake on you 2 stroke engine to steam conversion using of the shelf parts  I copied his method and had it all sitting ready for the secret to be relieved and a waited for over 2 years and still nothing and finally got so fed up looking at the rig that i scraped it so i could put the scrap value into something else.  Come on Dan try harder to see things to completion, ps. if you do see this Dan I seriously want to see that project finished.