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This instructable will make use of Visual Basic Scripting, or more commonly known as "VBS".

This code also utilizes Windows script host .

So on with the fun!

So this is one (limited) method of sending a msg to a chat repeatedly ("Spamming" or "Scrolling").

It basically prompts you what text to send, how many times you want to send it, and how long to wait before it starts sending the given text.

Step 1: .VBS File Extension

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Here is the code

'This sends txt via the sendkeys statement to what txtarea has focus at the time
'Repeatedly until the variable 'mynum' is reached

set a = createobject("")

mytxt=inputbox("Send what text?","Type some text","Oh Yeah!") mynum=inputbox("How many times to send the text?","spamnumber","3") myspeed=inputbox("How fast to spam..In milisecs!","delay","200") mywait=inputbox("Time to wait proir to sending the spam msg in secs","Wait?","5")

msgbox("You have " & mywait & " secs to put focus on your target text area!") wscript.sleep (mywait*1000) for i=1 to mynum 'count down from mynum variable a.sendkeys (mytxt) 'Sends the text you typed in the mytxt prompt a.sendkeys ("{ENTER}") 'presses the enter key to send your text you may change it to the apropriate key that sends the msg in your chat wscript.sleep (myspeed) 'sleeps OR waits the amount of Milseconds you typed in the Mywait prompt next msgbox("Finished Spamming!")


The code about is well commented, as to describe what each line of code is doing.

There isn't much to this as you can see, so it's fairly comprehensible and should not need much explaining.

You could "Copy & Paste" the code into "Notepad" then choose to "Save As" select "All Files" & then name it "chatspammer.vbs" or you could just download it below.

I've attached the .vbs (code) file, and uploaded it to this here instructable.

Simply download it and open it to run the code.

You could also "Right Click " the file and choose "edit" then select "notepad" to edit/view the code.


ShelbyL20 (author)2017-06-17

It didn't work the way i wanted, how do I get it to stop?

Fearce1 made it! (author)ShelbyL202017-10-14

Once you have started the script the only (reasonable) way to stop it is to open Taskmanager and kill "Microsoft windows scripting host"

RustieProgramming (author)2015-04-06

This isnt an Instructable, this is a download.

It's easy to follow and simple to understand.

If anyone needs help, I will do what I can to help them.

DylanP30 (author)Fearce12016-04-10

can you help me?

Fearce1 (author)DylanP302016-04-14

I can try.

what would you need help with?

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