VCR Hidden Compartment




Introduction: VCR Hidden Compartment

Step 1: Materials

1x Old VCR Tape
1x Screwdriver that fits the screws on the tape
?x Thing(s) to hide

Step 2: To Start

1. Unscrew all screws on the back panel (fig. 2)
2. Carefully remove back cover (CAREFULLY!)
3. Take the big white gear with the least film and remove it gently

Step 3: Hiding Things

1a. If you are hiding a dollar bill, fold it long ways 2-3 times, or until it is the width of the film. Tape the folded bill to the film
1b. If you are hiding a small object, put a piece of tape on it as shown. Tape it on the inside of the white gear.
2. Replace the white gear as it was, rewinding any film with bills on it. Fit it so it looks like the picture

Step 4: Finishing Up

1. Replace the back as it was before
2. Screw the panel back on the VCR
3. Enjoy the luxury of a quick-access stash of cash (just don't let anyone try to watch the tape:)



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