Introduction: VEND - the Totally Printed Candy Dispenser

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VEND - the totally printed candy dispenser. Download. Print. Assemble. Vend. Save some Cash. Awesome.


veryrealperson (author)2013-05-29

I have seen a dead mau5 version of this that was a single print. This is ok but what is the advantage of doing this print over spending the 30 bucks to get a industrial metal one on ebay?

husamwadi (author)veryrealperson2013-05-30

Why climb a mountain when you can just fly over it? :P

Slay. (author)2013-05-29

wat is the size?

Kiteman (author)2013-05-29

Oh, that looks good!

Any chance of a video of it in action?

derte84 (author)2013-05-29

I want to adapt it for nespresso capsules!!

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