VERTICAL VEGETABLES: "Grow up" in a small garden and confound the cats!

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Step 3: Attach hanging shoe store

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Use strong hooks or wire to attach the shoe store. They must be strong enough to support the weight of the compost, plants and water.
PoeDunkMae5 years ago
Does it matter what kind of shoe organizer you use?  Does it need to be "breathable" or can you use one of the kind that has the clear plastic pockets?  I am planning on doing this project this spring with my children, and I thought it would be neat if they could "see" the dirt and roots growing in the clear pockets, but I wanted to see if that would work first.

This is an AWESOME AWESOME IDEA I love it!! Now I feel dumb for tossing out our old shoe organizer! 
The only caution I would make is that if you plan to use it for food plants, herbs, lettuce etc, be sure that the material will not leach harmful substances into the soil. If you are just using it for decorative plants, no problem whatever you want to use I would imagine.
pippa5 (author)  PoeDunkMae5 years ago
 hi You can use clear if you want but roots will tend to grow towards the dark ie into the soil. You will also get algae and other green weed seeds germinating and growing... educational perhaps. If you stick ( using duct tape) black plastic or cloth to some of the pockets then the roots are more likely to be visible when the black plastic is removed, or peeked under!! Or go creative and cut holes in the black mask and see what happens.
I used non breathable as it retained the moisture better . But have a go and experiment with what you can find and the children will be able to observe and learn . Good luck  You may not get vast crops but is a good way of saving space and sparking an interest
Pyrocantha6 years ago
That is BRILLIANT!!!! Shows what ingenuity and skills to take what a fancy show does and make it work for the "average" person. I am so gonna do this! Hanging Herb garden of Arlington! Thanks so much for Sharing and this instructible Rocks!