VERTICAL VEGETABLES: "Grow up" in a small garden and confound the cats!

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Step 6: Add plants or seeds

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Sow seeds or add seedlings I suggest....
- herbs thyme, sorrel, chives

- salad mixed leaf, mustard, cut and come again, or spinach

- minibel tomatoes

- 'petit pois peas you can eat the young leaflets and tendrils
bbpiglet73 years ago
Hello - fab to see great ideas come from Britain! Many forums/sites I come across are American and have brilliant information on them, but nevertheless, as a fellow Brit, I take my hat off to you and will definately be trying this :) Here's hoping for some sunshine........
tprobst23 years ago
Great idea for hot area like Texas can move in and out when to hot, also great for the kids to do, homeschooling always looking for ideas, thanks. We will be getting back to you with pics when done, on facebook.
aliceaod3 years ago
This is an awesome idea. Thanks for posting. I see shoe racks at the thrift stores sometimes. Next time I'm picking one up. I wouldn't grow any food in containers that are not food-grade plastic, such as this, but that's just me. Flowers, sure but not food. I'd be more inclined to stick plants in pop bottles and then put the pop bottles into this for vertical gardening.
kelia4 years ago
The tomatoes probably didn't work out so well since they have large roots and are deep water drinkers.. Rosemary should do well. This is a great idea. I have a gazebo who lost its canopy I hang planters filled with flowers and vegetables from it now
siriradha5 years ago
Could you tell us which plants you felt were most successfully grown in your planter pockets?
pippa5 (author)  siriradha5 years ago
 The herbs Chives and thyme 
and cut and come again baby salad leaves did well
I will definitely plant it with more herbs this year
and try parsley
but i have not tried may varieties yet perhaps this year others who have tried it will also add to the list of plants that did well
but its fun and therapeutic just growing a few things
good luck
Kaber6 years ago
This wil be great to include in the Container Gardening Class we are doing for our homeschool kids' group! THANKS!