VERTICAL VEGETABLES: "Grow up" in a small garden and confound the cats!

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Step 7: "Drip Aid"

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Use a piece of wood to make sure the excess water drips into the trough below.
This would be a great way to grow peppermint! As many have found out the hard way, once peppermint takes root in your yard or garden, it can grow like crazy and you'll never get rid of it. This would prevent that from happening.

You could also make a hanging flower garden on the side of your house or garage. What a fun project!
my husband got rid of all my peppermint, by mowing it weekly. it took two years, and I'm sad but he did it. I'll try something like this. he can't "accidentally" mow a vertical herb garden. LOL
akmuir5 years ago
Great idea, I am going to use this to grow strawberries.

I really like this idea. We are currently renters in a suburban neighborhood, so this would allow some gardening without altering the property. I love it.
brycebb5 years ago
 what a fantastic idea. I home school my kids so i am going to do this for a project, thanks again 
margh5 years ago
great idea
O.K. just gotta say:This rocks!!! :0) Brilliant. I've had trouble with the "gross" part in my existing garden. Your way is the way to go!
Darcy7776 years ago
One can bend chicken wire over the trough to help keep out the kitties too. =..=