This knex gun is a beginners gun it only needs 50 peices this in cludes 16 reds with 3 teeth, 5 yellow half moons, 3 red rods, 11 little greens, 5 orange connectors, 5 white rods, and one blue rod. It also fires white rods!

Step 1: Build the Barrel

to build the barrel you will need 12 red connectors, 3 half moon connectors, 1 orange connector, 2 red rods, 1 little green rod, 1 white rod.

Step 2: Build the Barrel

To build the barrel you will need onw orage connector and one red rod. You will also need some scotch tape to wrap around the joint where the two pieces connect.

Step 3: Build the Handle

To build the handle you will need 4 red connectors, 2 yellow half moons, 4 green connectors, 3 orange connectors, 1 blue rod, 8 little green rods, and 4 white rods.

Step 4: Put It All Together

i will tell you how to build this gun in order of the pictuers.

1. insert ram arm in the hole in the barrel.

2.this picture show you where to put the rubber band. connect the handle to the barrel just snap it on to the red rods at the back of the barrel.

4. if you have any mods for this gun please message them to me!!!!!



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    it shoots well... i like it, cant wait to shot my bro. gonna try sharpenning a green and shooting that. its better that the crossbow hybrid. i made it, my bro took it, made it stronger, and SHOT ME!!!!! payback XD o, BTW hi everyone im new to the instructable world, and im gonna make a lot of the guns here. when i get the pieces, im gonna go for gokrem's sniper rifle.

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    i shot this gun out of my magnum.

    I think this should belong in 'the list'

    Could you not take pictures during Sandstorms? (lol) Please, better pictures.

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    Sorry about the picture quality I was using a older web cam. So what did you think of the gun its self? If you have any mods message me.

    no offence but that might be why the first scentence includes "This knex gun is a beginners gun"

    What so bad about it? If you dont mind me asking it worked great for me!

    well, click on my name and see my guns, - my guns aren't even great

    I would say "Don't even bother"...

    guys be a little easier on him... what did you expect??? im sure he signed up like yesterday he spell knex kenx wrong. BUT one thing you must remember when commenting a block trigger is that the person who made it, thinks its amazing, just try and humor it. ok so now thats done i would like to comment on the gun. i give it a 4\10 due only to the fact that u used a block trigger. if u have time search perfect duck, mepain and other good knex builders look at their triggers

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    I would just like to say thank you for one positve comment. And i will look into a better trigger for the gun-thanks

    thank you for posting the 200th copy of killerks gun, we are very glad of your not so great contribution to instructibles, have a nice day

    Stop making very simple Knex Guns they r all the same