VERY SIMPLE Paracord Bracelet using the Double Fisherman's Knot

Picture of VERY SIMPLE Paracord Bracelet using the Double Fisherman's Knot
Here is a very simple bracelet you can tie. It does not require any weaving, just a double fisherman's knot. It also contains about 5 feet of cord, but you could probably use more.

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cheyelizabeth7 months ago
Made this for my husband who wanted it tight. so I wrapped it around his wrist and tied it on there. he loves it.
This is awesome, its easy and looks good too!!!
im pretty sur i have that same knife. does it say anthing on the blade?
your dog (author)  BobMarleyFan4 years ago
It does not say anything on the knife whatsoever. Mine is proably the fake one
this is mine.
oh. well mine says "made in vietnam" or sumthing. i got mine from my grandfather.. its not that good of a working knife but its all i have that was his..
your dog (author)  BobMarleyFan4 years ago
Mine is imposible to sharpen, I even had my uncle give it a try and its still dull.
I have a similar knife, but it was made from a metal file. I ordered it from a magazine years ago. Great steel. This one was made in Pakistan. Very high carbon. The colorful grip design gives it away.
your dog (author)  BobMarleyFan4 years ago
I got it for 7 dollars 5 years ago. It almost went through airport security one time; i discovered it at the last second when taking out my camera. Lucky i was able to mail it home at a booth nearby. (It cost more than the knife in dollars, but in sentimental value it was priceless)
ok, I have just finished making one of these, and I have run into an issue.. I had a hard time getting in over my hand and onto my wrist because it is so tight, but it is still very loose on my wrist, and of course I can't seem to make it much smaller without having uneven strands, and thus making it look all lumpy, and not as pretty as yours.. any idea what I have done wrong? I know its vague, but it's a start
your dog (author)  DeliciousMystic3 years ago
The paracord might be a little short. Also, did you make sure to tie it at the fattest part of your hand?
reejac3 years ago
that is so rad man!
your dog (author)  reejac3 years ago
bfgreen4 years ago
Nice little instructable and great bracelet. My kids love to make these becuase they're so easy and quick to make. Nicely shown, thanks for sharing :-)
brandonduh4 years ago
 do the knots come out after a while of wearing it?
your dog (author)  brandonduh4 years ago

the knots don't come untied as much as they actually get tighter. if you talk it off to take a shower, you probably need to retie it every couple weeks. its simple though, i have done it in the dark with one hand.

caarntedd4 years ago
This is great. Simple to tie, simple to untie, easy to measure, can be tied on the run. Great if you want to do this in a hurry while out camping etc. without being too fancy. I will actually use this.
My vote is in.
By the way, have you seen a website called Animated Knots by Grog?
your dog (author)  caarntedd4 years ago
No i have not seen Animated Knots. Is it animated GIF?
Gastrointestinal Failure? Not sure.
Graphics Interchange Format? I think so.
your dog (author)  caarntedd4 years ago
hahahaha yeah the second one.