VESA Adapter Mount


Introduction: VESA Adapter Mount

I got a Planar PT-120 touchscreen monitor for a project to install a computer in my kitchen on an under-counter mount. Unfortunately, Planar did not make the PT-120 VESA compatible, while the mount I am using is VESA standard. I created an adapter plate using polycarbonate.

Step 1: Cut Polycarbonate Sheets

I found these one foot square pieces of polycarbonate at Lowe's for just over a dollar. I picked up a cutting blade attachment for my Dremel which handled the cutting very nicely. Watch out for the shavings from the polycarbonate, so wear goggles when cutting

Step 2: Measure for Monitor Side

The monitor is backed by a steel casing under the rear cover. The head of the mounting screws that I used on the adapter have to extend into the casing, so a set of holes had to be bored to allow for that additional extension.

Step 3: Attach Polycarb to Monitor

Drilled out the Mounting points with the Dremel and constructed the polycarb sheets with the hardware. There are two load spreading sheets (one for the monitor and one for the mount) and two spacer sheets to reduce shear stress on the polycarb.

Step 4: Completed Construction

It's a quality mount, but it takes some doing to get the set screws to the right tension. I think we'll set the monitor to where we want it, and then tighten the screws down to keep it from sliding all over the place.



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    Nice! The pictures could be better a bit, but it's still awesome. :D

    1 reply

    Yeah, I was too lazy to go get my real camera so these are from my crappy cell phone camera. I'll try to get some better pics up this weekend. Thanks for the compliments! I really didn't expect anyone to see this project, so I'm a bit surprised.

    Cool! Where'd you get that mount from? I've been wanting to make one that clamps onto my desk to save even more space.

    1 reply

    I found it on Amazon (herehere). It doesn't clamp on, but has some nice hefty screws so that you can screw it onto your desk/cabinet.

    Nice and simple! seems to work a treat. well done