Step 3: Construction of Back Panels

This is the most time consuming step. What we are trying to do is create small compartments to hold the LEDs. This step is what gives the scoreboard its depth. You need to cut out the following pieces from the cardboard; all of them are 1” wide: 
Size A: 3” –Need 10 pieces
Size B: 2.5”-Need 8 pieces
Size C: 2.0” Need 2 pieces
Size D: 1”- Need 8 pieces
Once you have all of the pieces cut out, then you need to tape aluminum foil onto one side. (Double sided tape works great.) This is going to give each segment a very full look, by reflecting the light from the LEDs. Don’t forget that some of the little pieces have to have both sides covered in aluminum foil since they serve as a wall for more than one segment. Once this is done it is time to glue. Make sure that the digits are slanted to the left. Glue the walls onto the foam core board at the thinnest part of the wall. See figure 2. Now repeat this process for the second digit. Once this is done tape 3 pieces of wax paper across the top of the digits of the foam core board, this will disperse the individual LEDs and create more of a full look. Then glue the black cardboard onto of the wax paper.  Now on to the electronics…

Cool rated 4.5* Well done!
Awesome. I'd love to see this wired up to a sensor in a basketball hoop for a DIY Pop-a-Shot.

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