VFECAFGS (Very Fast, Easy, Cheap, Almost Free, Garage Shelves)

Picture of VFECAFGS (Very Fast, Easy, Cheap, Almost Free, Garage Shelves)
Yesterday my garage was in chaos.

Today my garage is less chaotic than yesterday because of some "ghetto shelves" I made.
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Step 1: Before

Picture of Before
I am of that type of people that does not throw anything to the trash. Therefore, I go accumulating rods, straps, wires, pipes, plates, tin, etc, etc.

Therefore, as the years pass, my garage goes becoming a small hell where does not remain place for the car neither for the people.

Step 2: What to do?

Picture of What to do?
Buying a conventional bookcase would not solve my problem, and besides would invest me some money. So I decided to do the following thing:

I bought a piece of steel iron for the construction, 8 mm diameter. I chosed that measure because already had a corresponding widia bit, but equal would be able to have chosed 10 mm.

The iron is not expensive.

The pictures are self explained. Click on the inner notes.

Step 3: Holes in the wall

Picture of Holes in the wall
I used a long widia bit of the same diameter of the iron rods.

The holes must be all at the same height. I guided myself for the distance to the ceiling. The distance among holes depends on the length of the objects to keep.

Step 4: Doing a tilt guide

Picture of Doing a tilt guide
All the holes should be the same tilt. Then, it is convenient to have a guide.

I did it with three pieces of wood. You can use what you prefer.

Step 5: Inserting the rods in the wall

Picture of Inserting the rods in the wall
With a hammer, but not with excessive force, insert the rods in the holes.

Step 6: Finally, putting the stuff in the "shelves"

Picture of Finally, putting the stuff in the "shelves"
Over this rods you can put things whose length is greater than de distance between the rods.

You can also to hang things of they.

Be care the stuff not fall after easily.

You must know that this arrangement is more efficient in the use of the space, but the accessibility of the things saved in this form is now minor that when they were simply supported against the wall: each time that you need some tube, wand, etc, you will have to look for a stair and (with care of not killing to somebody down) search in your treasure and go down it.