Ok, so after a few years and some data recovery, I found the original article, just not all the pics.
Enjoy the repost.

This INSTRUCTABLE came into being because of the new craze of NETBOOKS.

These small laptops have only 3 or less USB ports which is fine for some people, but for others that want to use an external Mouse, Keyboard, or just want to charge your MP3 player, cellphone or even to power a power hungry peripheral like a USB hub or external slimline DVD Burner.

This also works on Desktop systems as well!

Also, why take up a much-needed USB port for your USB novelty item? (drink warmer/cooler, lights, fans, etc...)

Step 1: Parts

step 1: Parts
We need a male to male VGA gender changer and a female plug from any old USB extension cable.


How would i blow out my graphics card without it being noticed that it was tampered with so i can get a new, better one.
Ummm.... You wouldn't. How you kill your notebook is up to you. Be creative, and make sure you take pictures!!! Sheesh.....
My laptop weighs to much to be a notebook, but, my graphics card sucks, and messes up when i play games. also, my laptop has a ATI Radeon 3850, but crap for ram.
You can't "get a new, better one", even if the old one failed on its own, without paying for one. They would replace it with something almost exactly the same as what failed, and thats only if it passes their inspection to ensure you didn't tamper with it. If you want it to be better than it is currently, you will have to actually spend money.
can i use a mouse in this device? my usb ports died so i need to connect a mouse in my laptop and i only have vga, hdmi, mike, heaphones SD and CD soo i reallly want to know if i can use this converter to use a mouse plz respond
and u only connect 2 pins? cause in the photo i saw like 4 pins solded..
Do you think you could explain your experience of patenting and developing your “product”. I’m a young inventor who likes to build stuff but some things I made I would like or would have liked patented and sold.
FYI, you didn't need to pull this. Instructables allows you to protect your work with a Creative Commons license.
I built something like this, using a ground and +5V from pin 9. The voltage before hooking anything up is +5.01V, but while pulling 120mA from it, goes to +4.60V to + +4.70V ... is this safe?
What device are you connecting?
As long as the device you are connecting is in spec of 5V you will be fine. I tested the adapter by plugging in 3 devices at the same time (Dell AXIM X51V, Creative Labs ZEN MP3 Player, and a MIO GPS) It charged all 3 devices. Just keep your power demands reasonable and only use for ONE device.
By "in spec of 5V" you mean it should be a 5V device, yes? It is so I am okay there. What I really wanted to know is, is that safe for the laptop to have the voltage there only 4.6V?
Yes. Some laptops only push out 3V. USB ports USUALLY range between 3-5 Volts.
Well, with nothing connected, the VGA pushes 5V. With a device connected, it pushes only 4.6V? So this is safe? Doesn't that mean that the device is drawing more than the VGA port's +5V line can handle, causing a voltage drop?
it would probly be super getto if i tryed but im wondering how long it would take to make something like this, got to find some parts though. nice work even though all i get to see is a pic of the finished product.
how many milliamps does it provide?
I did some looking and that external burner only works on 3 models of laptops made by Lenovo. So, from that maybe we can assume it's more than 500mA?
?? That burner works with every PC/Laptop that has a USB port. Hooked to a PC or laptop, it averages around 100MAH draw while burning a DVD.
that's what i'd like to know!
How would you make one that plugs into the usb 2.0 port an has a female port attached? same thing with a male instead of female usb connector?
Why would you want to? This is for POWER only, either to power a device or to provide supplemental power in the case of using a USB "Y" adapter.
Let me rephrase my question, How would I attach a male usb to a female vga so I could plug a monitor into the usb port?
You wouldn't... They make a USB to VGA adapter that will allow you to use a second monitor, but they are large and I haven't seen one that worked really well.
hmm... so all my parts laying around wouldn't cut it?
will this work for adding another moniter to a desktop useing usb?
No, POWER only.
Got the skin for the lid specially made from a local company.
Is it running Backtrack? Is that an Acer Aspire One?
No, it's an Asus EEE 900/901.
No.. It's an Asus EEEPC 1000H
Awesome. I have an eee 701. What OS do you have?
If you read the comments, He's triple booting xp, ubuntu and bt Joe P.s Lolz @solifluktion
I've never seen the 1000H before <sup></sup> I just looked at the Display and decided that it has to be the 900 because it's definately not the 701 ;)<br/>Looks pretty small for 10<em></em><br/>
It looks even weirder when I have my WiFi Sniffing goodies attached. I modded a pigtail into the left hinge, and I either connect my CANTENNA to it or to my ALFA high power USB Adapter 500mW. Or I just add an Antenna to the external connector that goes to my internal card, and run the USB WiFi at the same time... I'll have to post pics sometime.
You get points for originality on this one! Nice work too. My only beef with this is that you do not provide instructions on how to check the work without one of those USB dongle things. Perhaps a method using a voltmeter? Also I would think that the amount of current coming available for the VGA port would not be as high as the USB standard dictates. This might cause some problems on some applications. I would think that this would also vary widely from manufacturer to manufacturer.
I got curious and decided to stick a paperclip from pins 9 to 10 and test it with a voltmeter, but as soon as the paperclip was in, the computer shut down. So ya, don't put a paperclip in it.
haaaa haaaaaa! yahh, I'm guessing paper-clips jammed in computer ports could potentially cause problems; although I do have to say, I might have done the same thing myself if I hadn't seen your comment.
There was a VGA hack to change screen resolution that had to do with a paperclip, but I'm positive it wasn't 5V and GND ;)
So you're saying the "paperclip-as-a-space-heater" application doesn't work on this port. That's good to know. :-) Seriously, I was thinking some instructions to check the wiring on the USB jack in step 10 other than using that LED dongle thingy.
As long as you are being realistic in your power demands from the port, 500mah and under, you will be fine. :) I could not find any specs anywhere about current through the VGA port. Hell, several of the electronic repair companies I called didn't even know that there was POWER supplied to the VGA port.....
My point exactly. It may be there, but don't put too much demand on it!
I should probably add that as a pic or a note..... I didn't expect this to get so popular so quickly.
Note: On some older VGA connections, pin 9 isn't connected at all, so this might not work on your old 486.<br/><br/>See <a rel="nofollow" href="http://pinouts.ru/Video/VGA15_pinout.shtml">http://pinouts.ru/Video/VGA15_pinout.shtml</a> for more info.<br/><br/>It might be easier to just use an externally powered usb hub.<br/>
It will not work on black and white cards. (the pins are used on color cards to detect the monitor)
Not looking to use this on an old 486. In order to use a powered USB hub, you would either have to carry your power adapter with you or mod your USB hub. Instead of a DC jack, use a USB connector.
Lol, so you'd power the power of a USB hub with USB power. It'd kinda defeat the purpose though. One USB port provides 5V, so you'd need about 3 ports to power this thing plus the data port makes 4, if you're talking 4 port hub that kinda defeats the purpose.
You could use a 6v lantern battery connected to a 6v to 5v stepdown circuit to power an external usb hub. Most lantern batteries I've come across run anywhere from 11000mAh to upwards of 26000mAh, so they definitely put out more than the 500mA needed for 1 usb port. Connect the usb hub (powered by the lantern battery) to the usb port, and you have 4 new ports to connect up to 2A worth of stuff. As far as grabbing power from the VGA port, now that I think about it, I'd be too worried that my device would draw more power than the video card circuit could handle.

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