Here is an Antenna that i made in my free time and thought that this would be useful to some readers as i found no such instructables given. This antenna that I've made is cable of receiving frequency ranging between 107Mhz to 146Mhz. Its quite easy to increase the range by increasing the length of the areal or decreasing it.
I actually made this antenna to receive aircraft band or air-band. The frequency they use is from 108Mhz to 146Mhz. Thus this antenna will work as a charm if used for the purpose above or one can always use it for different frequency like amateur radio and will work just fine.

Step 1: Raw Materials

The things that you will need for assembly of this antennae are as follow:-
1. Aluminum sheet
2. Aluminum rods 5mm in dia 4.5 feet long (for preparation of this antennae and may vary according to frequency used).
3. A steel glass
4. L clamps (which can be made by the same Aluminum sheet)
5.Nuts and bolts
6.Antennae socket (bolt type). I found it from an old booster amp from a TV.
7. Wires, Hot glue and mseal
where does the red ground wire connect to wen in use? i saw one end on the connector but not were the other went to. sorry, im still quite new to the radio scene
Actually you have rightly said it is a ground wire and will be connection to the Earth of the outer part of the co-axle cable. <br>What i did was joined the outer part of the element with the red wire and then took it to the connector of the ground. (the outer part of the connector)

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