Picture of VHS Cassette Clutch!
Skeined Productions - Under 1 hour VHS Cassette Clutch upcycle! This project involves using any old VHS cassette, crocheting the magnetic tape into the shoulder strap and some clever tricks to make a unique clutch!

Tools Required:
Hot glue gun
Clear packaging tape (or thin clear plastic sheet like used in old transparencies for projectors)
Crazy glue (or super glue)
Crochet hook (I used size I/9-5.50MM but could use 1 size smaller or bigger)
Wire Snippers
Silver marker (or white grease pencil or anything that will show up on the cassette plastic)
Small Phillips head screwdriver (not seen in photo, my apologies)

Supplies needed:
Small hinges (Could also use flexural hinges if wanted)
Fabric (I used some thin dark green fabric, anything will work - Not seen in pictures in this step)
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Step 1: Disassemble VHS Cassette

Picture of Disassemble VHS Cassette
lid snap.JPG
First remove all screws from the back side of the cassette (no need to save the screws they will not be needed). By pulling apart the cassette the spools and parts will all fall out, keep the spools and discard the rest of the parts. 

Next pry off the metal spring using a screw driver or pull with fingers (watch eyes)!

Also remove the hinged lid that covers the magnetic tape, you can discard any springs attached to it.

Lastly remove the spring loaded plastic clip that locks the lid in place and discard it (see final photo)

Step 2: Trim insides to allow hinged movement

Picture of Trim insides to allow hinged movement
Using the wire snippers, trim the protrusions to as close to the base as possible (see photo 2) . These peg like protrusions originally were there to help align and hold the cassette together but now only interfere when the two halves are hinged open and closed.

Also trim other protrusions at the top (as seen in photo 3).

Lastly trim the two flat protrusions down for they are the last interference's (as seen in photo 4).

This is a super cute idea, but i hear that the tape can be toxic, so I looked it up. I guess they contain cobalt, chromium, and iron. I guess if the dust is inhaled it can be dangerous, but other then that no one is saying that it is hazards to your health. Just to be safe ware a mask, in case there is black dust inside your VHS.
emp_cyttie2 years ago
THis looks like a wonderful gift idea!
man as you have the courage to pluck this tape? This film marked the childhood of all!
Sara alv2 years ago
This little loop and chain at the other part are meant for closing the clutch right? Btw, awesome instructable! I've done related things but with cassettes and I had totally forgotten about my VHS, Thank you soo much!
Very cool, I want one :) It would be fun to do one with one of those colored VHS tapes.
Thanks Penolopy! I checked out a yard sale a couple days in hopes for one but the little kid handling the money didn't even know what a VHS cassette was...
Try Thrift stores for VHS tapes - Goodwill, Savers, etc. They all have them, usually for a dollar or two (or less) each.
J-Manoo72 years ago
And here is where I learn how to crochet.
pinklizzy2 years ago
fantastic! How much stuff can you get in it?
Treknology2 years ago
Would you like to drop by my place and do 3000 of these?

I would also suggest putting the clear tops of the spools back in with circular paper or card to make it look like the tape is still inside.
Kerushii2 years ago
how creative!!
BarginsTech2 years ago
Awwhh maann I loved that movie!! Poor thing! But it looks soooo cool :D Pretty manly! Haha :P