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Hey everyone this is my first instructable! (Confetti falls)

This is my Knex version of the VSS Vintorez sniper rifle. After a long time trying to make my own guns, I decided to make models instead. I saw this gun in Metal Gear Solid 4 and I liked how it was different from other guns. The VSS is a sniper rifle that is unique because it has a built in silencer. Yea, it's cool.

As for the Knex version, I used a slingshot system that throws the bullet. I used slingshot because then the gun would be silent, just like in real life. Subscribe if you want to. Thanks!


-True Trigger
-Pieces don't break
-Power, 120 feet, but according to Viccie.B1993 it can go 160 feet. Silentassasin21 said with killerk's bullet, he got it to go 235 feet!


-Uses moderate pieces (In my opinion)
-The rubberbanbs I use might be expensive, but if you think about it, it isn't that much.

Thanks to:
-Barrax for his plentiful criticism on making my gun look better. :D
-I Am Canadian for his criticism.

-Viccie.B1993 for the firing system.
-LordSnipe for his magnum bolt.

Step 1: Parts List

Picture of Parts List

Here is the parts list. It would be pretty disappointing to build the whole gun and then figure you don't have enough pieces. The picture following the wheel will match the parts list. Example: Since the blue rods are 3rd on the parts list, then they are the third picture after the wheel. You do not need the wheel.

Remember: Colors vary in the world of Knex so look at the pictures if you have trouble.

-Small black/green rods: 137
-Gray/Black rods: 178 gray-150, black-28
-Blue rods: 56
-Medium dark gray rods: 6
-Green/ Red rods: 1
-Black/ Gray rods: 2

-Gray, one-way connector: 13
-White, two-way connector: 3
-Dark gray, right-angle, three-way connector: 46
-Green, 135 degree, four-way connector: 6
-Half-moon, five-way connector: 157 white-131, bronze-26
-Brown, straight, two-way connector: 56
-Blue, snowflake 3D connector: 14
-Black snowflake connector: 32

Odd Preces:
-Blue spacers: 8
-Gray spacers: 10
-Orange track connectors: 4
-Black gear knob: 1
-Tan connector clip: 1
-Blue connector clip: 1
-Multiple angle, blue/black connector sets: 4
-Y connectors: 39

-#64 Rubberbands. Here's the link. Another one, cheaper I found is here.

Step 2: Trigger Mechanism

Picture of Trigger Mechanism

This is the Trigger Mechanism by Viccie.B1993 that I used. I like this mechanism because it so versatile and reliable.

1-3. What you are building.
4. Build this. Yes it is a Y connector.
5. Wrap as much tape aroud the connection point as you would like, then put a rubberband around it. This is so the y connector doesn't come off.
6. Add.
7. Add.
8. Add.
9. Add.
10. Add.
11. Add. Put the blue rod into the brown connector we just put on. Then add the half-moon connectors.
12. Make this.
13. Add.
14. Turn the mechanism around 180 degrees and add.
15. Do the same to the other side.
16. Make this. This is one of the connectors for the scope.
17. Insert as shown.
18. On the inside, add a Y connector pointing down to fasten the gray connector.

You're done!

Step 3: Barrel

Picture of Barrel

This barrel is based off of KillerK's, but it is also very generic. To make it my own and for stability, I added alternating brown connectors in the middle. You can make the barrel as long as you wan't to, but if you build it my way then it will be more realistic

1-2. What you are building.
3. First layer. Those are blue connectors in the half-moon connectors.
4. Second layer. Basically the opposite of the first. Like me, you don't have to add the small black connectors to connect the half-moons. I did it because I was low on pieces.
5. Second layer still, but there are 4 Y connectors alternating on the blue rods. There is a better picture in picture 10.
6. Second layer. The other side of the barrel.
7. Add brown connectors on the blue rods as shown.
8. Add another layer of brown connectors, but alternating with the third layer.
9. Fifth layer just like the second, including the Y connector.
10. What the Y connectors should look like.
11. The other side of the fifth layer.
12. Sixth layer. Same as first layer.
13. Add to the black snowflakes.
14-20. Other views of the final product.

Step 4: Handle

Picture of Handle this is the handle. Not much to say except look at the pictures.

1. What you are making.
2. Make.
3. Add second layer.
4. Add third layer.
5. Add fourth layer.
6. Add fifth layer.
7. Add sixth layer of what is shown.
8. What you are making.
9. Make.
10. Make.
11. Add.
12. Add to back.
13. Add.
14. Fasten on the inside with Y connector.
15. What you are making.
16. Make.
17. Add.
18. Add.
19. Add.
20. Add.
21. Add.
22. Make.
23. Add.
24. Showing connection points.
25. Connect.
26. Add the two dark gray rods.
27. Add the outside hooks.
28. Add the Y connectors on top.
29. Click the half-moon connectors up.

Step 5: Magazine

Picture of Magazine

This is the magazine and the underside or the gun. Follow the pictures. Just to make a point, the magazine is not real because this is a slingshot gun.

1. What you are making.
2. Make.
3. Add.
4. Make.
5. Add.
6. Add.
7. Add.
8-10. What it should look like.
11. What you're making next.
12. Make.
13. Add.
14. Add.
15. Add.
16. Add.
17. Add.
18. What you are making.
19. Make.
20. Add.
21. Add.
22. Add.
23. Make.
24. Add.
25. Get these two parts.
26. Connect.
27. Get these two pieces.
28. Connect.

Step 6: Stock

Picture of Stock

This is the stock. I used the bronze half-moon connectors to make it look like wood, but you don't have to use them if you don't want to.

1. What you are making.
2. Make.
3. Add second layer.
4. A close up of what the the strut in the stock should look like.
5. Add third layer.
6. Add fourth layer, same as third.
7. Add fifth layer, same as second.
8. Add sixth layer, same as first.
9-12. What it should look like.

Step 7: Scope

Picture of Scope

This is my scope for the VSS. You can design your own, but make sure it fits into the grey and brown connectors that fasten onto the gun. For advanced Knexers, go to pictures 25-27 and build from there if you can.
EDIT: I added a down the scope view. All I did was make a basic model and show you the shape. The only difference is to just imagine more connectors between this piece. This is picture 28.

1. What you are making.
2. Make.
3. Add.
4. Make.
5. What you are making next.
6. Make.
7. Add.
8. Add.
9. Another angle of what it should look like.
10. Add orange track pieces. You can subsitutue them for what ever you like, such as Y connectors.
11. Make.
12. Get.
13. Add.
14. Get.
15. Connect.
16. Get.
17. Connect.
18. Get four black rods, they can be subsitutued for gray though.
19. Add.
20. Another look of what it should look like.
21. Make.
22. Attach.
23. Get.
24. Connect.
25-28. What the final product should look like.

Step 8: Stock Connector

Picture of Stock Connector

This is the connector that connects, of course, the stock to the body of the gun.

1. What you are making.
2. Make first layer.
3. Add second layer.
4. Add third layer.
5. Add fourth layer, same as third.
6. Add fifth layer, same as second.
7. Add sixth layer, same as first.
8. Another view of what it should look like.

Step 9: Top Rail

Picture of Top Rail

This the the top part of the gun that snaps into the Y connectors on the barrel and handle. I'lln make the assembly more clear in the Assembly step. Yes, this is a very easy step.

1. What you are making
2. Make.
3. Add the blue rod.

Step 10: Assembly

Picture of Assembly

After all that hard work, now it's time for some progress to be showing. Follow the pictures.

1. Barrel and Trigger Mechanism.
2. Connect.
3. Another view.
4. Add Handle.
5. Connect.
6. Add Magazine.
7. Connect as shown.
8. Connect blue snowflake.
9. Connect as shown.
10. Add Stock.
11. Connect.
12. Add Stock Connector.
13. Connect.
14. Add top rail.
15. Connect.
16. Add Scope.
17. Connect.
18-23. What your final gun should look like.

Step 11: Ammo

Picture of Ammo

You can use whatever ammo you would like, but I found a way to make some removeable fins. Follow the pictures if you want.
-Thanks to LordSnipe again for the magnum bullet! Here's the link.

1. Types of ammo
2. Removable fins, what you are making.
3. Wrap a piece of tape tightly around the rod.
4. Take another piece of tape and fold it in half and hold it like this.
5. This is how you set it on the tape. I used a red rod with no tape to show you how it fits on.
6. How your first fin should look.
7. Add as many fins as you want, but this is what it should look like when removed from the rod.

Step 12: Rubberbands

Picture of Rubberbands

Follow the pictures on how to make and place the rubberbands.

Remember: Results may vary depending on what rubberbands you use. If you use the rubberbands that I described it the Parts List, then you might have similar results like me.

1. Make a string of three rubberband or however many. For my rubberbands, use three.
2. Wrap a single rubberband around the trigger. Make sure the force of this rubberband is greater than that of the ammo because it holds the ammo back from going forward.
3. Another look.
4. Wrap around the end of the gun like this. For me, I make the rubberbands go on the outside of the two "bars."

Step 13: Loading and Firing

Picture of Loading and Firing

Follow the pictures and then you can show others why they should fear you!

For a hilarious joke, see the last step.

1. Snap the bullet into the Y connector.
2. Pull the rubberband and hook it into the tan clip.
3. Pull the trigger and instant destruction!

Step 14: You're Finished!

Picture of You're Finished!

Hey your done! Have fun with my VSS. Comment on my Orangeboard if you have any requests on the next gun I should build. Don't forget to subscribe.


I don't wan't to really end on a bad note so here's a joke.

Q: What do you call a mint that tastes bad?
A: A disappointmint



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post please

glion1234 (author)2012-10-28

hi , i just made this gun today and i put the rubber bands on just like in the pics and then loaded my ammo just like in the pics and put the rubber bands on just like in the pics,then i pulled the trigger and it won't shoot. can anyone help me

~Meme~ (author)2012-01-29

I dont get step 29.

koeno12 (author)2011-10-09

Nice gun 5 stars

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A Nice russian rifle i love russia

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awesome 5*

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Do you mind if I use this mech in a gun I am building?

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they both look very simalar, i can see why they thought it was something else but this is still a great gun.

inergy (author)2011-02-03

Wow. 5 stars, easy.

1. Great Instructable.
2. Great over all look of gun.
3. Great working gun.
4. Realistic scope.
5. Comfortable stock.

me is assisin (author)2010-12-27

looks really sick!

epicbobman52 (author)2010-12-20

lol i added a bayonet and found this relly accurate ammo(not winged). it fires relly streght now

knexriflekid (author)2010-12-18

Nice job man! I'm gonna snipe an annoying girl with it.

epicbobman52 (author)2010-12-18

epic gun, but my fingers were brused when i was done :)

ant ant 33 (author)2010-03-19

 thats a Dragunov

Mr. Stealth (author)ant ant 332010-03-21

Sorry, but you are wrong. I modeled this gun while looking at a printout version of a VSS Vintorez. I do admit that it looks like a Dragunov, but it is clearly a VSS. You cannot tell me that my gun is a Dragunov when most, if not all, representations of the gun are that more of a VSS than a Dragunov. You give me a list of why it looks more like a Dragonuv and show that the looks of a VSS will not trump those of a Dragunov. You tell me now it is still a Dragunov.

knexriflekid (author)Mr. Stealth2010-12-18

Please don't take this as an offense, but your gun does look kinda like a dragunov which is cool to me.

ant ant 33 (author)Mr. Stealth2010-03-22

 ok ok chill out i just thought it looked like a dragunov and as i have never seen a VSS or whatever then i could only assume thats what it was :)

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Spot the difference. 


2. VSS Vintorez

osi (author)DJDeegee2010-08-16

A Dragunov is a heavily modified AK-47 that is used to snipe... A VSS is a specialized weapon, used by the Spetsnaz... the front 2/3 of the barrel is actually a silencer... (which Mr. Stealth pointed out) The VSS is designed to be disassembled and placed into a special briefcase, followed by being quickly re assembled... the Dragonov is an AK-47 modded for sniping...

~Aeronous~ (author)DJDeegee2010-05-12

 hhhmmm, you have to admit, they look a hell of a lot like each other though.

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barrax (author)2009-01-10

just to say, this truly is the most realistic scope in knex today.

ferrari484 (author)barrax2009-05-08

I agree

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i agree

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wow. this redefines awesome.

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not really that good though is it.

chevy62 (author)2010-09-30

ok i built a rifle not yours but could the scope be off to the right.

TigerNod (author)2010-09-22

Excellent work! Your scope is especially awesome, Knex scopes seem to get better every day!

mahmel (author)2010-09-02

I've builded it, and it's AMAZING.

MrBeanoz (author)2010-06-06

I built this, but added the firing system from your springfield. ITS AWESOME!!!

osi (author)MrBeanoz2010-08-17

Its epic with the Springfield firing system, Isn't it? (thats how I made mine, with the Springfield system)

osi (author)2010-08-16

I'm gonna try and make this with the trigger mech from your Springfield... I like that one better... anyway if it works do you want me to post some pics?

osi (author)osi2010-08-17

Just built it, DEADLY BEAST MODE AWESOMENESS! Using the other trigger mech allowed me to put flip up iron sights in the back of the gun, which makes it even better! 5*

iloveemogirls (author)2010-08-03

this gun looks sick im building it when i have time il give you credit then again really good job looks niceknex forever until im old to get a air soft sniper rifle lol =D

rik3098 (author)iloveemogirls2010-08-11

im 10 and have a airsoft sniper if you get buy the mb03 or l96

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