Step 2: Trigger Mechanism

This is the Trigger Mechanism by Viccie.B1993 that I used. I like this mechanism because it so versatile and reliable.

1-3. What you are building.
4. Build this. Yes it is a Y connector.
5. Wrap as much tape aroud the connection point as you would like, then put a rubberband around it. This is so the y connector doesn't come off.
6. Add.
7. Add.
8. Add.
9. Add.
10. Add.
11. Add. Put the blue rod into the brown connector we just put on. Then add the half-moon connectors.
12. Make this.
13. Add.
14. Turn the mechanism around 180 degrees and add.
15. Do the same to the other side.
16. Make this. This is one of the connectors for the scope.
17. Insert as shown.
18. On the inside, add a Y connector pointing down to fasten the gray connector.

You're done!
post please
hi , i just made this gun today and i put the rubber bands on just like in the pics and then loaded my ammo just like in the pics and put the rubber bands on just like in the pics,then i pulled the trigger and it won't shoot. can anyone help me
I dont get step 29.
Nice gun 5 stars
A Nice russian rifle i love russia<br>
stop spamming, nobody cares.
awesome 5*
Do you mind if I use this mech in a gun I am building?
they both look very simalar, i can see why they thought it was something else but this is still a great gun.
Wow. 5 stars, easy.<br><br>1. Great Instructable.<br>2. Great over all look of gun.<br>3. Great working gun.<br>4. Realistic scope.<br>5. Comfortable stock.
looks really sick!
lol i added a bayonet and found this relly accurate ammo(not winged). it fires relly streght now
Nice job man! I'm gonna snipe an annoying girl with it.
epic gun, but my fingers were brused when i was done :)
<em><strong>&nbsp;thats a Dragunov</strong></em>
Sorry, but you are wrong. I modeled this gun while looking at a printout version of a VSS&nbsp;Vintorez. I do admit that it looks like a Dragunov, but it is clearly a VSS. You cannot tell me that my gun is a Dragunov when most, if not all, representations of the gun are that more of a VSS than a Dragunov. You give me a list of why it looks more like a Dragonuv and show that the looks of a VSS&nbsp;will not trump those of a Dragunov. You tell me now it is still a Dragunov.<br />
Please don't take this as an offense, but your gun does look kinda like a dragunov which is cool to me.
&nbsp;<strong><em>ok ok chill out i just thought it looked like a dragunov and as i have never seen a VSS or whatever then i could only assume thats what it was :)</em></strong>
I am chilled. I just find it very immature when accusations are made with no knowledge of what they are making their assumptions about. If you would've thought about what you said before you commented about it and said something less negative, then I would not be typing this comment. I just find it really offensive when I worked so hard on this Instructable and someone just says something that is nowhere close on topic&nbsp; to the rest of the comments below.<br />
Nevermind...<br />
&nbsp;:D lol, i like your gun though whatever it is called, just like i liked your ww2 springfield (DONT HURT ME IF I GOT THE NAME WRONG OF THAT TOO LOL IM JUST NO GUD WITH NAMES)
Spot the difference.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> 1.Dragunov<br /> <br /> 2. VSS Vintorez<br />
A Dragunov is a heavily modified AK-47 that is used to snipe... A VSS is a specialized weapon, used by the Spetsnaz... the front 2/3 of the barrel is actually a silencer... (which Mr. Stealth pointed out) The VSS is designed to be disassembled and placed into a special briefcase, followed by being quickly re assembled... the Dragonov is an AK-47 modded for sniping...
&nbsp;hhhmmm, you have to admit, they look a hell of a lot like each other though.
<em><strong>&nbsp;LET IT GO PEOPLE!!!! JUST CUZ IM NOT A TOTAL GUN NUT!</strong></em>
just to say, this truly is the most realistic scope in knex today.
I agree
i agree
wow. this redefines awesome.<br>
not really that good though is it.
ok i built a rifle not yours but could the scope be off to the right.
Excellent work! Your scope is especially awesome, Knex scopes seem to get better every day!
I've builded it, and it's AMAZING.
I built this, but added the firing system from your springfield. ITS AWESOME!!!
Its epic with the Springfield firing system, Isn't it? (thats how I made mine, with the Springfield system)
I'm gonna try and make this with the trigger mech from your Springfield... I like that one better... anyway if it works do you want me to post some pics?
Just built it, DEADLY BEAST MODE AWESOMENESS! Using the other trigger mech allowed me to put flip up iron sights in the back of the gun, which makes it even better! 5*
this gun looks sick im building it when i have time il give you credit then again really good job looks niceknex forever until im old to get a air soft sniper rifle lol =D
im 10 and have a airsoft sniper if you get buy the mb03 or l96
Thanks to this gun i managed to make this gun but with a magazine and it shoots grey connectors with small green rods and its pretty cool. removable mag and such pretty much this gun but with a shooting mech and mag with bullets
This is an awesome gun! Especially for a first! 5*
Awesome gun!!!!!!

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