Step 2: Trigger Mechanism

This is the Trigger Mechanism by Viccie.B1993 that I used. I like this mechanism because it so versatile and reliable.

1-3. What you are building.
4. Build this. Yes it is a Y connector.
5. Wrap as much tape aroud the connection point as you would like, then put a rubberband around it. This is so the y connector doesn't come off.
6. Add.
7. Add.
8. Add.
9. Add.
10. Add.
11. Add. Put the blue rod into the brown connector we just put on. Then add the half-moon connectors.
12. Make this.
13. Add.
14. Turn the mechanism around 180 degrees and add.
15. Do the same to the other side.
16. Make this. This is one of the connectors for the scope.
17. Insert as shown.
18. On the inside, add a Y connector pointing down to fasten the gray connector.

You're done!
The Jamalam6 years ago
i dont think viccie invented this, i may be wrong but i think dsman used it first
I designed this one, dude. Just check the Bischoff's trigger system or the White Tiger's system. Then you'll see. :D
ok sorry :P i thought dsman used it tho
i like this mech as well