Picture of VW Beetle Storage Box
Having owned a '68 VW Beetle for many years now, the main problem I encounter is storage., or rather the lack of it!!

The glove box is great, unless you keep your stereo in it, the wire rack thingies are great, but having had one, you do find that stuff slides out of the gaps and the drinks holder just isn't big enough..

And I just don't have a 3D printer or a Laser Cutter or anything high tech. I have my imagination and a Bandsaw.
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Picture of DRAWINGS:
I start by sketching out exactly what I want from the storage box and thinking what I want it to hold.

Drinks, phone, sunglasses, show tickets, change, chewing gum, sweets, bits and bobs.

The storage box is the picture on the left, the other one is an idea to fit in the ashtray compartment.


After drawing it all out, I measure up what I want and thinking 3 dimensionally, I transfer the drawings to card to include the front, sides, inners etc.

To get the arch for the front, I use a piece of tinfoil (aluminium foil) and press this around the cable tunnel of my beetle and then transfer this to the card.


After cutting out the template in card, I dry fit it to see if it works. My card is the same thickness as the exterior plywood that I'm going to use so I don't have to adjust any templates.

The exterior plywood was scrap which came from a boat building yard nearby. They use it to build the interiors of barges and this was all the off cuts ready to go on the fire.

I then place the card templates on my wood and fitting them all in the best way as not to waste wood, I draw around them all.
blueangelical (author) 11 months ago
Thanks Scubabubba, it is sooo usefull, those wire ones are just awful. Yes I agree with the VW logo, it does make it. Appreciate your comments.
Scubabubba11 months ago

We're restoring a '67, this will be a great improvement over the wire basket thingy. I especially like the VW logo, that really makes it!

blueangelical (author) 2 years ago
Hi, I shall hunt them down and add them to the instructable unfiltered :-)
Thanks for sharing, do you have any un-filtered photos? It's a little hard to make out your design plans.
blueangelical (author) 2 years ago
Pleasure, thanks for the kind comment.
l8nite2 years ago
I really like the look of that, thanks for sharing